Top 5’s

Top 5: Popular authors I have never read

I have tried a lot of young authors and quite a bit of literature that has been written by people who have left this world, but all in all there are some books and authors I have been too intimidated to read and/or haven’t been ready for them.  Continue reading “Top 5: Popular authors I have never read”

TOP 5: 2016 releases I wish I’d read

So the 2016 is pretty much gone for me, because now it’s just Christmas and New Years and I’m going to have some friends over for both of these, so not much time to read, which means that I can start to sum up the year. Continue reading “TOP 5: 2016 releases I wish I’d read”

Top5: My Favourite Harry Potter characters

This post contains spoilers for the Harry Potter books and films.

Some might say that this is like choosing a favourite between their children, but I have decided that it’s time to make it official and show my favourites in the famous Harry Potter series. Continue reading “Top5: My Favourite Harry Potter characters”

TOP5: Book series I don’t want to finish, but will anyway

As book series become more and more popular in the modern scene of literature, there are times when people start series and then forget to finish, can’t push themselves to finish or have to wait for the next books to come out so they could finish them. Continue reading “TOP5: Book series I don’t want to finish, but will anyway”

Top 5: Favourite Literary Cats

I have to admit, cats are one of my favourite things in the world. The gentle purr, soft and warm body, head bumping… I could continue on and on about it, because, God damn it, I just love the animal!  Continue reading “Top 5: Favourite Literary Cats”

TOP 5: Books I would like to read again

I think a lot about books and obviously read as much as I can and want. Continue reading “TOP 5: Books I would like to read again”

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