Book Haul: November

Hey everyone and thanks for the lovely words in the last post! I really do appreciate every single comment! I have added bits of reading in my daily routine, so hopefully I will be back soon enough.  Continue reading “Book Haul: November”

Anticipated Releases: December

Hey, everyone! You haven’t heard from me in a while, right? That’s because I’ve been ill for a month and actually still am, but have started to pull myself together and hopefully illness will go away as well. This month of mostly being in bed and doing nothing means also that I will probably not meet my reading goal this year unless I become a hyper reader… but I don’t see that happening as I am still ill.

Continue reading “Anticipated Releases: December”

E.B. White – Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a children’s novel written by E.B. White and illustrated by Garth Williams. It was first published back in the 1956 and since then has been a favourite for many kids and adults.  Continue reading “E.B. White – Charlotte’s Web”

Giveaway Ended: Newt Scamander – Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

November has arrived a lot faster than I expected, partially it must be because of my vacation and trip to Morocco in October (I have a couple of pictures on my private (not bookowly) instagram, if you want to see. I haven’t dealt with the hundreds of other pictures I took on the trip…), but mostly because I’ve been really busy lately! Continue reading “Giveaway Ended: Newt Scamander – Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”

Book Haul: October

I actually spent most of the month outside of UK and didn’t have that much time to buy books, yet, I have managed quite a few and are quite excited about my choices. Continue reading “Book Haul: October”

Anticipated Releases: November

It might be almost November, but I am enjoying myself in Morroco, not really believing that it is possible to be cold anywhere on this planet!  Continue reading “Anticipated Releases: November”

J. R. R. Tolkien – Letters from Father Christmas

J. R. R. Tolkien was an English high-fantasy writer, best known for his Lord of the Rings series and The Hobbit. Continue reading “J. R. R. Tolkien – Letters from Father Christmas”

Top5: My Favourite Harry Potter characters

This post contains spoilers for the Harry Potter books and films.

Some might say that this is like choosing a favourite between their children, but I have decided that it’s time to make it official and show my favourites in the famous Harry Potter series. Continue reading “Top5: My Favourite Harry Potter characters”

Paula Hawkins – The Girl on The Train

Paula Hawkins is a former journalist who was reporting on business. She turned to writing in 2009, when she wrote a bit of romantic comedy fiction under the pen name Amy Silver.  Continue reading “Paula Hawkins – The Girl on The Train”

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