J. R. R. Tolkien – Letters from Father Christmas

J. R. R. Tolkien was an English high-fantasy writer, best known for his Lord of the Rings series and The Hobbit. Continue reading “J. R. R. Tolkien – Letters from Father Christmas”

Top5: My Favourite Harry Potter characters

This post contains spoilers for the Harry Potter books and films.

Some might say that this is like choosing a favourite between their children, but I have decided that it’s time to make it official and show my favourites in the famous Harry Potter series. Continue reading “Top5: My Favourite Harry Potter characters”

Paula Hawkins – The Girl on The Train

Paula Hawkins is a former journalist who was reporting on business. She turned to writing in 2009, when she wrote a bit of romantic comedy fiction under the pen name Amy Silver.  Continue reading “Paula Hawkins – The Girl on The Train”

Sally Gardner – I, Coriander

Sally Gardner is a British writer, who writes for all ages and all tastes. Continue reading “Sally Gardner – I, Coriander”

Laini Taylor – Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Laini Taylor is a very popular American young adult and adult fantasy writer. Continue reading “Laini Taylor – Daughter of Smoke and Bone”

TOP5: Book series I don’t want to finish, but will anyway

As book series become more and more popular in the modern scene of literature, there are times when people start series and then forget to finish, can’t push themselves to finish or have to wait for the next books to come out so they could finish them. Continue reading “TOP5: Book series I don’t want to finish, but will anyway”

Book Haul: September

So I spent most of the September worrying about the new flat and the things we need to buy and all the other useless stuff that really needs no worrying. Continue reading “Book Haul: September”

Anticipated Releases: October

October is almost here and I really can’t believe it – time is flying. It’s been incredibly warm here in London this September!  Continue reading “Anticipated Releases: October”

Art Spiegelman – The Complete MAUS: A Survivor’s Tale

Art Spiegelman is an American cartoonist and has worked for the Arcade, Raw and The New Yorker. He is best known for his two part graphic novel The Complete MAUS: A Survivors Tale. Maus is the first graphic novel ever to have won a Pulitzer Prize and portrays a Polish Jew’s life before, during and after holocaust. Continue reading “Art Spiegelman – The Complete MAUS: A Survivor’s Tale”

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