Book Hauls

Book Haul: October

I’ve been lost for quite some time, I know. But from the bright side – I’m still alive! So that’s happy news. Thanks to all those who asked if I am alright, it is lovely to see the care, all my love to you! 🙂  Continue reading “Book Haul: October”

Book Haul: February

This has been a long and a short month both in one. I’ve had countless things to do and many headaches to fight and even an illness (which is still present), which meant that I practically didn’t read and didn’t have time for anything really. Nevertheless I managed to buy so many books (obviously buying > reading), that I actually feel like it can’t be only this month.  Continue reading “Book Haul: February”

Book Haul: January

I have started to attack my to be read list quite agressively, which means that I have started to buy more books that are in my list or that are relatively recent releases.  Continue reading “Book Haul: January”

Book Haul: December 2016

December has not been a month in which I purchased many books, because I was too occupied with the searching and making of gifts which left little to no time for book purchasing. Actually most of the books I bought were in the last days of the year with great hopes for the next one.
Continue reading “Book Haul: December 2016”

Book Haul: November 2016

Hey everyone and thanks for the lovely words in the last post! I really do appreciate every single comment! I have added bits of reading in my daily routine, so hopefully I will be back soon enough.  Continue reading “Book Haul: November 2016”

Book Haul: October 2016

I actually spent most of the month outside of UK and didn’t have that much time to buy books, yet, I have managed quite a few and are quite excited about my choices. Continue reading “Book Haul: October 2016”

Book Haul: September 2016

So I spent most of the September worrying about the new flat and the things we need to buy and all the other useless stuff that really needs no worrying. Continue reading “Book Haul: September 2016”

Book Haul: August 2016

With all the moving and stress and packing, and just endless stuff, I have really taken a pause in buying books, because this move has suddenly opened my chackras and told me that I have way too many books. Continue reading “Book Haul: August 2016”

Book Haul: July 2016

July seemed to me like a really long month and although it is my birthday month, I did not receive any books as gifts… khm… (enter long silent stare at my boyfriend Tom here). Continue reading “Book Haul: July 2016”

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