As book series become more and more popular in the modern scene of literature, there are times when people start series and then forget to finish, can’t push themselves to finish or have to wait for the next books to come out so they could finish them.

The reasons for why I would push myself to finish series I don’t want to read are many… mostly they are people who say that the series will pick up, the general feeling that I will like the next books better, and for the ability to say that something is bad. I am one of those who think that they have the right to judge only if they have read the whole thing. There might be other reasons as well, but these are the main ones.

The list will be organised by 1st being the book series I don’t want to read the most and 5th being the series I would want to read the most of these five. So here we go!

This time I will list the book series I need to finish, because I have started them – read at least one book! And the series are mostly finished – all books are published or at least two books I haven’t read are published. It so happens that this list could be much more than just a top 5, because I have a lot of unfinished series.

I decided to give a twist to the list and make it about the ones I don’t want to finish, but will push myself anyway.


5. Eoin Colfer – Artemis Fowl Series
I’m really sad to put Artemis on my list, because Artemis is awesome, he is a child genius who discovers a magical world after all – it’s a dream for any child… and me… I guess!

Anyways, I have read the first six books in the series and all the small novellas that are there. If I am not mistaken, I have only two books left in the series, but I have started the seventh book many times and just don’t like it. So I’m waiting for inspiration to push myself trough this. I think that it might still be quite good once I get into it, but yeah, I think I’ve been on standstill with these series for about two years.

4. E.L. James – Fifty Shades of Grey Series
You can’t believe your eyes, can you?! So I have read the first three books of Fifty shades and I hated the series with each book more and more. I have given two stars for the first one and one star for the two following ones, so, although the first one was a quick and simple read (doesn’t make it good though), the third one was a long and terrible journey (definitely doesn’t make it good).

As the fourth returns to the beginning (which I assume is a retelling of the first book from different point of view), I don’t think it will be too terrible, compared to the other books in the series. Why I want to finish this? I don’t know really. Just feels like I should.

3. Ally Condie – Matched
Ah, I remember how hopeful and young I was a year ago when I went into Matched – very excited and happy. I have read only the first book of the series and thought that it was alright. But the thing that changed my opinion about it was the fact that I have read so many other dystopian novels between Matched and this moment that this just doesn’t seem that special or interesting compared to the others anymore.

It pretty much was Matched or Divergent – two similar series I haven’t finished, and Divergent seems more interesting. Besides, I’ve read the first two books of Divergent series, so I guess that speaks for itself. I want to finish Matched series nevertheless, because I feel like I might not be giving a chance to something good, just because other dystopian novels got more popular than this one.

And tutuduuuu… I couldn’t decide which of these books I dislike more (that’s the spirit!), so I have two 1st places, which in this case is bad, I guess…

1. Sarah J. Maas – Throne of Glass Series
All that fame and glorious comments, those five star ratings and love… is not what happened to me. I disliked the first and only book I’ve read from Throne of Glass, so much that it was bordering with hate. Yet now, when a year has passed, I am kind of alright with the series and might pick them up again soonish, but maybe not.

Obviously these are loved series and I am a freak for not liking the first book, but I have a huge problem with these series, which is the fans. People who give the first book five stars after they have read the following books and liked those shouldn’t do that. I have heard countless times ‘the series will pick up’, that’s all great, but people shouldn’t give false hope by giving a high rating to a book that doesn’t deserve it. Because this didn’t. I don’t mind, if you give the third one five stars, if it was worth it, but if you raise the rating of the first book after reading the third… that is just not fair.

1. Ransom Riggs – Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Series
This is a book a lot of people’s love and I had great hopes for it. I loved the idea of the book (I’ve read just the first one), it was really neat, interesting and something new, but unfortunately I wasn’t fan of the story and didn’t really care much about anything that happened there.

I, for one, think that the films for this book might be better than the book itself. At least for me. Because I think that the evil will be more favourable as well as the special skills of the kids will be easier to imagine because of the visual in the film. I want to finish this series so I wouldn’t have to be scared of half-assing the books and then kind of ruining the films because of that.

So these are the series I have to finish even though I don’t want to. It is a dark and slippery place, but I shared it with you. I hope you enjoyed my list, let me know your thoughts on my top 5 in the comments below, especially, if you disliked any of these books too!