So the 2016 is pretty much gone for me, because now it’s just Christmas and New Years and I’m going to have some friends over for both of these, so not much time to read, which means that I can start to sum up the year.

Happily I can announce that I have almost completely recovered and have returned to a bit more of a regular life. So thanks for all the wishes and I really hope that I will be able to return to frequent posting, reading and commenting!

This post might have some echos of my anticipated posts of this year, but I obviously haven’t read a lot of the books that came out this year, so that’s expected. This will be a list of books that came out in 2016 and I was and still am very excited about, but either haven’t gotten around to reading them, have forgotten about them or just haven’t had the chance to get hold of them. So this is the list of books that came out this year and which I expect to be amazing! Let’s get to it!

5. Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney – The Nest

I must admit that the reason why I paid attention to this book is the public endorsement of the book by Amy Poehler. I feel like Amy is a great person and we might be interested in similar things, which is the reason I hope to absolutely love this book.

Plumb family has been counting on their trust fund – “The Nest” to solve various self inflicted problems in life. It was supposed to be a mid-life support, but it means so much more to all four siblings. They have never even thought of not getting the money, will they have to re-imagine their lives without “The Nest”?


4. Amor Towles – A Gentleman in Moscow

This is a historical novel with a very interesting premise, and the fact that it is supposed to be funny as well makes it even more interesting to me.

This book tells a story of the count Rostov who is sentenced to house arrest in 1922 by Bolshevik tribunal. The count who has never worked now must live in attic of a luxury hotel across the Kremlin. He, who has never worked a day in his life, meets his sentence with surprising explorations, troubles and realisations as the history of Russia unravels right behind his doors.


3. Marieke Nijkamp – This Is Where It Ends

I’ve seen many bookworms read this book this year and I have been wanting to pick it up, but honestly it hasn’t been on my priority list… mostly because I forgot what it’s really about, but now that I read the summary once more, it spikes up in my to-be-read list!

This is a story of revenge. When a school year starts as always with a speech that is inspirational, but is actually boring, everything seems to be very normal. But things change when the doors don’t open and suddenly shooting starts in the auditorium. This book describes 54 minutes inside those doors.


2. Penelope Douglas – Punk 57

This book seems very exciting and intriguing and kind of covers the topic of people acting different in real life than they would online or in letters. Quite, quite excited about this book and I really want to squeeze it in the first half of the 2017!

The book is about two pen pals who are set up by their teachers and have been writing to each other for years without revealing how to contact each other. Everything goes fine until one of them goes silent and doesn’t answer any more messages. Could it be because he is in trouble, because he got arrested? Or maybe because he recognised his pen pal in real life and didn’t like what he saw?


1. Neal Shusterman – Scythe (Arc of a Scythe #1)

I’ve been so, so excited about this book for so long and I even considered pre-ordering it, but Tom talked me out of it. And now here we are… every time I go to check it out it is not available, which is a huge shame. Even Tom considered giving it to me for my name day (Dec 18) and couldn’t. I think that this probably will be the best book I haven’t read in 2016 and I think, I should just buy it and wait until they send it to me once it is available.

There’s no war or disease in the world anymore, humanity has won and now only scythes can bring death in the world and they are commanded to do so to keep the population in check. Citra and Rowan are apprentices for this unusual and terrifying job, but the situation gets tense, when they find out that it’s not just an apprenticeship, it’s a competition and winner gets to take the losers life.


So this is the list of books I wish I would have read this year. I really do hope that they are all awesome and that I will get a chance to read them soon. Please share with me the books you were really excited about, but never got around reading them and let me know, what you thought of my list (no spoilers, please)! Cheerio!