I have tried a lot of young authors and quite a bit of literature that has been written by people who have left this world, but all in all there are some books and authors I have been too intimidated to read and/or haven’t been ready for them. Which leads me to this list that will contain authors that I have never read (or read just a couple of pages) and feel somewhat ashamed or not so ashamed about the fact. This list is arranged by the amount of shame I have for not reading anything from the author, meaning the in the first place is the one I’m ashamed the most! But it also contains authors I am not ashamed I haven’t read, but feel like I should have at last the decency to give them a try.

5. Kurt Vonnegut
I have heard a lot about Kurt Vonnegut and I know that many people love his work, yet, I think my only “try” to read him (Breakfast Of Champions, maybe?) was when I was in secondary school. That doesn’t seem like good time to read Vonnegut to me now and it didn’t seem so then, because I never really opened the book (Slaughterhouse 5, or The Children’s Crusade – A Duty-dance with Death?) that I took from library. If you would ask me, I wouldn’t probably even be able to name the titles of books by him, if I haven’t just googled them, I even didn’t know that the “slaughterhouse” had a longer addition to the title, what the hell is that about?

4. Harper Lee
Harper Lee has obviously been in the centre of attention with Go Set a Watchman that came out last year (and with her death – as horrible as it sounds that gives artists a lot of attention). She was dominating a lot of readers lists after her death last year, which put her on my radar.

To be honest with you, I have never picked up a book by her and I have never been interested, but I am slightly ashamed that I thought that she is a male for the most part of my life (I’m also pretty sure that I thought that his name is Lee Harper). I don’t know, if I am going to pick up any of her works, but I feel like I have to.

3. Ernest Hemingway
This is where the shame starts. I have really been wanting to read something from Hemingway since secondary school, but never have. The thoughts I have on Hemingway have mostly been cultivated by two films – 10 Things I Hate About You and Midnight in Paris. And those are not good thoughts. Yet still I have been somehow drawn by the author and remember about him every time I listen to Metallica’s song “For whom the bell tolls”. I just searched for books by him and also realised that I think I’ve seen a very old adaption for The Old Man and the Sea, when I was a child, which was a very long and seemingly pointless (at the time) film. So, yay, have to put that on my to be read list!

2. Victor Hugo
Oh, this is a shame to a new level, because I’ve actually read a quarter (?) of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (I think) and afterwards lied about finishing it. So many terrible memories of pretending to have read it… and I don’t remember a thing from the book.

I feel like this is classic, everyone should have read something from Victor Hugo, nevertheless here I am telling you about an author I haven’t read. To be honest though I can name a couple of his books and know of his love for Paris and the enormous descriptions of Paris in his books, so go me!

1. Erich Maria Remarque
This is one of the author’s that I had at home and everyone in my family had read it and knew about and could talk and discuss… everyone except me. I once picked up All Quiet on the Western Front, but I couldn’t read it. All the frozen people and broken limbs was too much for me, so I didn’t even last for two pages.

I am however able to name a couple of books by the author (I also knew his middle name without googling it) and have a big shame for never reading anything by him, but at the same time I am not entirely sure, if I could, because the frozen limbs still do not appeal to me much.


So these are authors that I haven’t read, but feel like I really, really should give them a try, because they are… well, classics. Let me know what is your bookish walk of shame and what do you think of the authors I have mentioned here! For now – cheerio!