This post contains spoilers for the Harry Potter books and films.

Some might say that this is like choosing a favourite between their children, but I have decided that it’s time to make it official and show my favourites in the famous Harry Potter series.

I had troubles though, when I had to decide on the rules for this top. Should I consider books only? Is that even possible (films, fanfiction, the Harry Potter unofficial musical)? Should I consider Harry Potter and the Cursed Child too (what about the play that I saw just two months ago, does that count?)

After a long consideration, I decided to not push any limits on myself. It is nearly impossible to divide my experiences and remember what I would have thought before or after one or another experience, so here’s my list of my favourite Harry Potter characters. But I decided to not include the Cursed Child, for that you can read my book review and/or my play review. Spoiler alert: Scorpius is my favourite.

5. Arthur Weasley – such a goofy muggle lover, how can you not love him? He is amazing and funny, and nice character and father figure. I just absolutely love him and the fact that he has both – the goofy and lovable side, but at the same time, he is ready to kick some ass and stand up for his family. I can see what Molly saw in him, wink wink…

I think that my favourite scene with him is when his sons took his flying car and he was so, so excited that instead of scolding them, he was asking, how it went. He is such a cute thing! I pretty much like almost all the moments he shows up.

I kind of think that I had to choose between Arthur and Ron, and I guess that is my choice!


4. Minerva McGonagall – Am I the only one who feels like she is depiction of a grown up Hermione? Anyway, McGonagall was for some time my very favourite character in the series. She was strong and fair character, could even say that she was all the way good, but had her interests (Quidditch)  and mischief sometimes, which added the cherry on top and made me love her more. I hate intrigues and injustice and she was pretty much the eradicator of intrigues and injustice.

My favourite scene with McGonagall probably is her excitement when she tells Oliver Wood that she has found him a seeker! There was also a thing where she conjures sandwiches for Ron and Harry. And then the moment when she stands up to Snape in the sixth (or seventh book?)… And then how she is a cat! She is just great!


3. Bellatrix Lestrange – I have always liked Bellatrix, because she is smart and crazy at the same time, her backstory and connection to Sirius makes her even more interesting to me. And really, she’s simply pure evil that is obsessed with Voldemort, but at the same time not pictured in a cliche way, is just so great. I have to say that this decision is partially connected to the amazing work that Helena Bonham Carter did in the films, so hurray for that!

Well this is a trixy one. I’m pretty sure that my favourite moment where Bellatrix was involved was at the very beginning of the sixth book. It is when she asked Snape to kill Dumbledore, if Draco isn’t going to be able to. But in general I like most scenes where she is going around and being crazy.


2. Severus Snape – Isn’t he an amazing character? All those secrets, love and hate all entwined together… I think that J. K. Rowling must have had an idea about Snape for a very long time, because otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to develop such a heartbreaking story. I loved how he hated and loved Harry at the same time and how he was ready to sacrifice so much. I have to admit, at first, when we hadn’t found out his part in the books, he was my favourite villain, but well, now he is a hero.

I think for Snape book and film has collided together the most, because for me Alan Rickman was the perfect Snape. I like many scenes with him, but my favourite is the cliche one – ‘After all this time? Always.”


1. Hermione Granger – I have always liked her character and loved the fact that she wants to know it all. She is smart and educated and is trying her best, I think she is a great depiction of me, if I would find myself suddenly being a witch that will attend school for Witchcraft. Surely she is not perfect, but I have always liked her a lot and she is my all time favourite.

My favourite scene for Hermione… well that is a tough one. I like where she says that they ‘might get killed, or worse – expelled’. I’ve always laughed so much on that (and have to credit Ron too), I also liked how, when Ron and Harry wasn’t talking in the fourth movie, Hermione said that she is not an ‘owl’.


So these are my favourite characters, I wrote down all of my possible choices in a list and had 12 characters, but only five spots, so here are some honourable mentions that didn’t make the list: Ron, Petunia, Luna, Draco (team Draco!)…

Let me know your shock and distaste for my list in the comments below! Don’t forget to add your own favourites and well, maybe I have forgotten someone really, really awesome… Just to be sure… I didn’t forget Dumbledore or Harry, or Molly… they weren’t on my list. Forgive me, dear fans! Cheerio!