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Anticipated Releases: March

March is almost in the middle, but I though – better late than never… So here’s a list of my most anticipated books that are coming out in March 2017.  Continue reading “Anticipated Releases: March”


Most Anticipated Releases: February

February – the shortest month of them all has a lot of books to offer. Continue reading “Most Anticipated Releases: February”

Anticipated Releases: January

New year and new releases! Continue reading “Anticipated Releases: January”

Anticipated Releases: December

Hey, everyone! You haven’t heard from me in a while, right? That’s because I’ve been ill for a month and actually still am, but have started to pull myself together and hopefully illness will go away as well. This month of mostly being in bed and doing nothing means also that I will probably not meet my reading goal this year unless I become a hyper reader… but I don’t see that happening as I am still ill.

Continue reading “Anticipated Releases: December”

Anticipated Releases: November

It might be almost November, but I am enjoying myself in Morroco, not really believing that it is possible to be cold anywhere on this planet!  Continue reading “Anticipated Releases: November”

Anticipated Releases: October

October is almost here and I really can’t believe it – time is flying. It’s been incredibly warm here in London this September!  Continue reading “Anticipated Releases: October”

Anticipated Releases: September

August is coming to an end so fast and once I looked at the releases of September, I was a bit taken aback, because either it will be an awesome book month with lots of magic and adventures, or it is going to crush and burn. Continue reading “Anticipated Releases: September”

Anticipated Releases: August

A lot of sequels for series are coming out in August and it just so happens that I haven’t read most of those series, so I can’t really be excited about them coming out. Yet, there are some gems, that aren’t second+ in series, that I hope to read and love, so lets get on with it… Continue reading “Anticipated Releases: August”

Anticipated Releases: July

Sometimes I forget some pretty big releases or news about sequels just because I’m not following the news enough… Continue reading “Anticipated Releases: July”

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