Because I have been out of the book loop for a while,  when I looked at the upcoming releases in November, I honestly felt like I am entering a strange neighbourhood. But, after studying and checking out a lot of books, I decided on my five most anticipated books. Here we go!

5. Lydia Kang – The November Girl
This is coming out in the UK in January, so it is technically not a November release, but as most of the people will be talking about it already now, I want to join the talks.

What the book is about? I have no clue at all. I read the blurb so many times, but still, have no idea what the book is about. So, read it yourself and let me know in the comments, what is going to happen in this book.

I have to admit, it probably wouldn’t have made my list if there would be much more interesting releases this month.

4. Elizabeth Berg – The Story of Arthur Truluv
This book is about Arthur who grieves his lost wife and visits her frequently in the cemetery for talks and lunches. There Arthur meets and befriends a teenager Maddy, who avoids school and hides in the cemetery as well. They strike a friendship and together with Arthurs nosy neighbour Lucille, they form a loving but unconventional family.

When I first read this description, I couldn’t help but feel like this sounds very foul. A graveyard where young girl befriends an older man? But I have convinced myself, that this sounds like a story worth following and hopefully with a happy ending and nothing romantic at all.

3. Jasmine Warga – Here We Are Now
Taliah has never really known her father, but one day he appears on the doorstep and asks her to join him to visit his own father. Reluctant to betray her mother, but willing to find out more about her father, she is unsure of what to do.
Together with her friend Harlow, she embarks on a three-day adventure to find out that Julian isn’t the father she always hoped for and that her mother has a lot more secrets than she leads to believe.

This seems like a mysterious coming of age tale. For some reason, I find this embarking on a journey with her father being very exciting and I can’t really fit her friend in there, but I suppose I must read it to understand.

2. Megan Miranda – Fragments of the Lost

Jessa is packing up her ex-boyfriend’s things, when she realises that Caleb might not have been the person, Jessa thought he is. Some items trigger memories and form into clues all around the girl and she decides to find out what really happened to Caleb and whether she knew him at all.

This book comes out in the UK only next year, but again I decided to still include it because it is so high up in my list. It sort of goes in similar lines as Thirteen Reasons Why (which I still have not read or watched), but the premise is so intriguing, that I really want to read this.

1. S.A. Chakraborty – The City of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy 1)
A con artist Nahri pretends to be able to see into future, heal and really do anything that the Ottoman nobles would want for their entertainment. She realises that magic is not real, but she has enough talent to pretend it is. That is until she summons a djinn by mistake and realises that magic is real after all.

I love the premise of not believing and magic and then doing something that proves that magic is real after all. And then there’s the time of adjustment and wonder – really like the Harry Potter books. So I’m really looking forward to this. Besides, the book is supposedly partially set in Cairo, which is a destination I haven’t read a fantasy about but think it could be explored in new ways. Excited!

I believe a lot of people are excited about Marissa Meyer’s latest book and the new Andy Weir’s book, but this time their works didn’t make my list. Let me know in the comments below what are your most anticipated books of this month and if you have already read some from my list!