Blackhearts is the first book in a series about Captain Blackbeard before he became a pirate…
This book came out in February 2016 and has received mixed reviews. It is written by Nicole Castroman and it’s her debut novel. I feel the need to mention that from what I’ve read about her and the answers she’s given to fan questions on goodreads, she seems like a really, really nice person.

Blackhearts is a story about Edward, who just returned from a year at sea. Now, his only task is to join in marriage with Miss Patience and ensure the title for his family, his father has longed for. Yet the year at sea has changed him, he seems to notice more differences between him and Patience than before and at the same time, a simple, seemingly honorable, but wild maid Anne catches his eyes.

A lot of reviewers were disappointed in this book because they expected pirates and adventures, but all they got was romance. I wasn’t one of those people because I had seen that the main story line is before Blackbeard becomes a pirate, so obviously not much pirating can happen in it. I admit, if I would have thought that it is about pirates, I would have read it a lot sooner, because pirates, treasures, adventures? Aye…

The characters in this book were quite unlikable. I kind of liked Sara and Elizabeth, but they are by no means main characters. The protagonist Edward did seem slightly spoiled and used to having his way, which is the reason I didn’t like him, but Anne although was fierce in the first part of the book seemed kind of bleak in the second. Her spirit didn’t seem so fiery anymore and it made me like her a lot less.

I also had a hard time coping with the fact that anyone would just believe anyone – basically, that everyone was telling the truth. I expected that, if Anne was not really accepted in the society, they should have doubted her words and based on the fact that William had a high status in society and was very quick on his feet with everything else (for example, ladies), I would expect him to be a quick liar too or that people would generally just not believe what anyone says about him straight away.

I liked the last moments of the book, I think that was when I decided that I will go for the second part, when it comes out next year.

The story of this book wasn’t really much. As I mentioned in my goodreads updates, I felt like nothing happens in this book and when something did happen, it was very predictable. But I didn’t have any troubles reading the book, on contrary, I actually read it in one or two sittings, because it was amazingly easy to read. I have read many, many books where nothing happens, story line is boring or characters are badly developed, but here, although I didn’t relate to any of the characters and didn’t particularly like them, I wasn’t bored or tired. I have to admit that the writing and language was very smooth and although the content wasn’t to my liking, the writing helped big time.

I also disagree with all the people who are judging this book by the fact that it is racist and discriminating against women, because it is not true. It’s a great thing that the civilization has moved on from slavery, abuse and have given mostly equal rights to women. I do not think that there’s anything racist in looking back and seeing how much pain and injustice was caused in past.
It isn’t the book that is racist and discriminating, it is the people few centuries ago (and even now). I wouldn’t mind that people would say that they don’t like to read historical fiction, but blaming the book or author for picturing the century as it was seems wrong to me, please, if you felt like that about this book, put your rage in fighting slavery today and fighting racism today.

I don’t really know for whom should I recommend this book, I suppose those who are into pirate century romances might be alright with it. It received two stars from me, purely because I liked writing so much, but none of the story.

Let me know, if you have read it or are planning to read this book and your thoughts on the topics!