February – the shortest month of them all has a lot of books to offer. I know that many fans of the Red Queen series are excited about the third book coming out – unfortunately I still haven’t picked up the first two, to be excited about the third one. Then Neil Gaiman is having another of his books published, which sounds exciting, but as I bought my first book by him this month, I am not ready to say I am excited for another one already. What if I don’t like his writing at all? And then there’s Schwab, which I can never be excited about, because I didn’t really like Vicious (review) as much as everyone said I will and I felt a little disappointed in the author.

So obviously I ran into a lot of problems making this list and thinking about the most popular authors coming out this month, but after all my analysing, I have come to believe that these are my most anticipated books of February:

5. Min Jin Lee – Pachinko
Pachinko is a story about a Korean family, beginning in early 1900s, it starts with Sunja – daughter of a very poor, but proud family. Sunja’s unplanned pregnancy threatens to shame the family, but they are saved by tubercular minister, who offers to marry her and bring Sunja to Japan to start a new life and save the honor of her family.

This story offers a wide and interesting look at history and culture of Korea and Japan, which I hope will be exciting and breathtaking and provide a view of how things were and how the society has developed since then.

4. Claire Fuller – Swimming Lessons
So this story is about Ingrid and how she is not capable to resolve her marriage problems – instead of facing her problems, she writes letters to her husband Gil, which she hides in books he has collected over years. One day Ingrid disappears, believed to have drowned, leaving her family – husband and two daughters behind. Only years later, when Gil thinks he has seen Ingrid, their daughters start to question what happened to their mother, not knowing, that the answer is right next to them – in the books.

The idea of books that never get open really excited me, besides the story seems to be promising intrigue and secrets.

3. Tricia Levenseller – Daughter of the Pirate King
When the Pirate King finds out about a legendary treasure map hidden on other pirate ship, his daughter knows that, if they want to get the map, they have to do it themselves. She plans her own kidnapping and leaves her home – ship and crew behind in her quest to find the map and bring it back to her father.

Usually you would have gotten me at the ‘pirate king’ bit already. But this book sounds cheesy and it is marked as YA, which means that there will probably be stupid romances. What makes me put it in my anticipated book list is fact that the ratings it has received up until now are incredible. Which means that either people are not rating books properly or it is really good.

2. Lesley Livingston – Valiant
Fallon – the youngest daughter of a Celtic King has never been in a battle and has always been in the shadow of her legendary warrior sister. When Julius Cesar’s forces invade, Sorcha is killed in a battle, Fallon is eager to prove herself in her own fist battle, but she never gets the chance to do any of that, because she is captured and brought to become one of Julius Cesar’s female gladiators. She faces threats and violence, challenges and lessons in hopes to claim her place in history among the Valiant.

This sounded a bit like the film Gladiator, just with a young girl and, to be honest, it is a bit silly, but I really hope that it could bring a lot of intrigues and cool historical setting and details.

1. Viet Thanh Nguyen – The Refugees
Although based on the current state of the world, one might think that this has something to do with terrorism and war in Muslim countries, it doesn’t.

It is a story about a young Vietnamese refugee, who goes to live in America and is shocked by the differences of the culture. He lives together with two gay man in San Francisco. About a woman whose husband is suffering from dementia and starts to confuse her with for a former lover. About a girl living in Ho Chi Minh city, whose sister comes back from America and has achieved everything she never will.


These are my most anticipated books of this month, let me know what are yours in the comments bellow. Cheerio!