November shook the whole world with a new film in the Harry Potter universe. A new screenplay script was also released for the readers, which this time was for a movie. 

Obviously this book is going to be compared to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I feel that as…
I’ve read
– Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Script (review),
– Fantastic Beasts and where to find them (review),
– Fantastic Beasts and where to find them: Official Screenplay
I have seen
– Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Play Script (review),
– Fantastic Beasts and where to find them: Film (twice)

..I have one or two things to say about this.

I read the screenplay for Fantastic Beasts and where to find them after I had watched the film twice and had read a couple of explanations online, so it didn’t really bring many new things to me. Reading the book was pretty much like watching the film. Everything was described in great detail, all emotions and events were put on the paper almost exactly like they were shown in the film.

There were a couple of things I didn’t notice in the film (or they weren’t there), which added small detail to my otherwise predictable read. There were also some things that seemingly didn’t make the film or just weren’t shown as intended (like couple of Queenie’s readings were explained a bit more than in the film).

As I had seen the movie twice, I cannot really summarise, if I liked the book or not, because the film was the same, so I will account my feelings on the film next!

Overall when I first watched the film, I wasn’t sure, if I liked it or hated it. I didn’t understand many things (at least I felt like it) and I also predicted the key to the whole thing (which is always a bit sad). After watching it, I read all the guesses and comments on it by people, who had both watched and read Fantastic Beasts and had done some research, revealing many hints I had missed. Then I started to understand more of this wizarding world and the future plans for Fantastic Beasts and as Tom wanted to see it again, we went to see it again. The second time, after all the explanations, I could notice the details, I could understand the story very well and I had no trouble at all. I liked the film. So, when I was reading the screenplay, I pretty much watched the film for the third time with a couple of more details. Would I go to the film again? Yes! Will I go? No, Tom had it enough with two times (sad face).

But nevertheless, on 17th of November, before the film came out, I still knew nothing about it. I had read the Newt Scamander’s book a year ago and had formed an opinion of what is going to happen in the film. I imagined sort of an adventure film, a bit in a style of crocodile hunter Steve Irvin – a story of enormous love for the animals. I thought that the film is going to be about Newt’s adventures and different pickles with wild animals and adventures while trying to research them. Never did I expect Dumbledore or Grindelwald. Fortunately all my hopes were crushed a day early when Tom showed me the trailer and I knew that it is going to happen in America (I was very disappointed) and that some people, we already know from Harry Potter series, will be involved.

So that was my trip and revelations with the Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. My favourite characters were Jakob and Queenie, they were both adorable and I absolutely loved them and their relationship. I also had a very strong attachment to Credence, because his life was so unfair that it was hard to watch it. I gave the screenplay three stars on my goodreads page and would say that people should give it time after they watched the film, because reading it immediately is a bit boring. But it will give some details that might have been missed while watching the film.

Now… I disliked the Cursed Child’s script a lot, I thought it is a ripoff and I guess partially still do, yet, later I saw the play, which I loved, it was magical experience. It might seem hard comprehend – how is it possible, yet now, after watching and reading the script for Fantastic Beasts film, I understand it a lot better.

The film is a very accessible medium and most of the Harry Potter fans are going to watch it, which means that the script of the book provides extra details, but mostly it is just the exact same as the movie. Yet, the film has something a play doesn’t – the previous Harry Potter movies. We know how magic, some of the creatures and other objects and events look on screen, we know how they appear, and we also know that those are mostly special effects.

For a play in an actual theatre, we can understand that the special effects are limited, yet, the ‘boring’ and ‘non-descriptive’ things so many readers complained about, were something we have never seen before, because that is real life magic. I feel like describing events rather just conversations would spoil the play for all of the people who will ever read it, because you can’t read the play and then experience exactly the same thing in theatre. That is not why you pay hundreds of quid. The difference is that the magic that happens on the screen is not real, but the magic that happens next to you, while you are sitting in a theatre is very real and revealing even a bit of it would break the pact of ‘keeping the secrets’ (all people who have seen the play have one with Mrs J.K.), but even more, it would change the experience of the play completely. IMG_7892

I understand that not everyone can go and see the Cursed Child. I was lucky enough to have the chance and if I can, I will do it again. I also understand the feeling that the rest of the world would be left out, if there would be no book, but is a disappointing book better than no book? I don’t think so. I have not researched what Mrs Rowling is saying on the matter, but I would love to know what happens in that amazing mind of hers.

The Cursed Child script doesn’t give justice to the play, because the play is pure magic, while the Fantastic Beasts script is exactly the same as the film. If I have to read, I would probably not read any of them, but, I would always give preference to visit the Cursed Child play again over the Fantastic Beasts movie. And I hope that one day there’s going to be a video recording of the Cursed Child which everyone could watch (not a film, but the play) to see, that it is really great.

And if you got this far in my mumblings you deserve a butter beer! Let me know your thoughts and feelings on the books and the adaptations, I would love to hear different opinions! Until later, cheerio!