Hey everyone and thanks for the lovely words in the last post! I really do appreciate every single comment! I have added bits of reading in my daily routine, so hopefully I will be back soon enough. 

Anyway, November really was quick month for me, because of my illness, my life was pretty much work-sleep and that’s all. But I did get some books this month and what’s more important, I also have a new member of family – a little kitten called Emily! So it’s been quite exciting, yet fast month and I want to share the book purchases I made this month – as always they are paper books that I bought in shops, not e-books.

Sam Gayton – The Snow Merchant

This book wasn’t actually my purchase, it was more of Tom’s gift to me, because he read the cover and said that it sounds amazing and that I should read it.

The book is about a little girl Lettie. She is a landlady at an inn and spends her days very much Cinderella like – trying to keep the inn clear and earn enough money to cover her father’s debts. Until one day Snow Merchant comes, claiming that he has the greatest invention the world has ever seen and Lettie is his customer. This changes the girls life, because the last alchemist she has ever seen was her mother, who has been long gone.

Alice Hoffman – The Museum of Extraordinary Things

To be honest, I bought this book only because the title and the cover seemed very pretty to me. I don’t even have any idea what this book is about. Well I didn’t, until now.

C0ralie is a part of The Museum of Extraordinary Things, a Coney Island freak show that thrills the masses. As an exceptional swimmer, she appears as a mermaid in her father’s museum until one day she meets and falls for Eddie – a Russian immigrant who takes pictures of the devastating state of New York. He ran away from his father and tailor’s apprentice’s position, but now he has to face something more serious – when he photographs a fire of Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, he becomes embroiled in the suspicious mystery behind young woman’s disappearance.

Emma Donoghue – Room

I got this book because recently I said that I saw it in a shop, but wasn’t sure, if it’s any good and if I should give it a try. Then comments were very supporting, so next time when I saw it, I took the chance and bought the book.

Five year old Jack was born in the room and lived there all his life. He has been eating, playing and learning there, just at night, when the Old Nick comes, his mother shuts him in the wardrobe to sleep. For Jack it is life, but for his Ma it is prison. So she plans an escape plan, which might be too bold or too much based on luck, but she does not anticipate is herself not being ready for the plan to work.

Markus Zusak – The Book Thief

This seems to be a book everyone has read, but me. It has so many amazing reviews and thoughts on it, that I simply feel like it is an obligation to read it. As far as I understand, this book has been narrated by Death, so that seems pretty cool.

The story is about a young girl who’s parents have been taken to concentration camp and she is living with a foster family. It’s the 1939 in Nazi Germany, Death has never been busier, but she has enough time to tell us this story – what happens in Himmel street when the bombs start to fall.

Anthony Robbins – Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement

Tony Robbins is a man who I like to hear speaking. He did rise from nothing and tested all what he is speaking about. This is an old book of his and basically covers what he has talked about in his seminars already for years.

This is a book by a very popular motivational speaker and achiever – Tony Robbins, it explores the motivation and how to achieve things, how other people have achieved things and how to learn from them by repeating what they did.

Cassandra Clare – The Mortal Instruments Box Set

So… I have no idea what the Mortal Instruments series are about, I have not read them. I actually did a quick goodreads search at the shop and found out that this author has written another series that are set before these ones, but as they are written after The Mortal Instruments series, I decided to go with it.

Yes, I did buy a box set of books that I have no idea what are about. Yes, I did buy it, because I have heard so much about them. No, I have not started to read.

When buying this set I thought that, if I haven’t started to read it anytime soon, I can always give it away to someone, right?

So these are my November purchases. As always let me know in the comments your thoughts of the books and authors and what you’ve read (spoiler free). Cheerio!