It might be almost November, but I am enjoying myself in Morroco, not really believing that it is possible to be cold anywhere on this planet! 

November is full of new releases and usually seems to be a pretty good month. I don’t know, if it is the mood (coldness and rain means crawling under a fluffy throw and reading) or it is all planned by the book publishers (who know all our moods), but here are my five most anticipated releases of this month! And it wasn’t easy to choose!

Marissa Meyer – Heartless
This book is not just about any girl, it is about a girl who is destined to marry the King of Hearts and become a Queen herself. But what if she doesn’t want to? What if her heart and interests lie somewhere else?

A new retelling from Marissa Meyer, who just finished her Lunar Chronicles, this time in the universe of Alice (yes, the Wonderland one).

This book worries me a bit, because the author keeps to fairy tale retellings. This promises the same thing, but is again a re-telling. Why? Why not an original story that doesn’t base itself on something else? Nevertheless I am quite excited to see what the author has in for us this time.

Neal Shusterman – Scythe (Scythe #1)
This book is easily the most anticipated book of the month for me, although others seem to be really good too. I hope to get to it quickly and love it a lot.

This book takes place in a world where sickness has been cured an people can only die by being killed. ‘Reaper’ is a special profession and requires skill, knowledge and precision. Two young apprentices start their work to become masters, although neither of them really want to. However, soon it all changes, because they find out that only one of them will get the job and that the first task of the winner will be disposing of the loser.

Michelle Krys – Dead Girls Society
Although I thought that this might have something to do with Dead Poet’s society (which I didn’t really like at all), I find this one to be intriguing.

Hope is sick and everyone’s treating her delicately, which she hates, but that doesn’t change her illness and the fact that she needs money both for medication and college. The solution for the problem comes and seems easy enough for Hope – a society that will give her a couple of dares and a chance to earn some money. Yet, soon Hope finds out that the society and dares are not as easy as they seem…

J.K. Rowling – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay
I know that many will be sceptical about this one. I myself didn’t much like the script of Harry Potter and the cursed child, but boy was the play good (spoiler-free play review)! And that taught me a lesson – to remember how much a play or a film is different from a script or even a book.

Besides this is a completely new material from J.K. Rowling (twice this year!) and it is in a world I approve (if you read me frequently enough, you will have noticed my infrequent rants about Rowling not letting go of Potter (you were supposed to read ‘Potter’ in Tom what-was-his-surname… blink… blink… FELTON’s voice)) and from a character I hope to love a lot. Probably will read this one after watching the film though! (Yes, I know that’s what I said about the cursed child too!)

S.J. Kincaid – The Diabolic
This book, I think, will be either a disaster or something awesome, because it reminds me of so many other coming of age/ dystopia/ finding yourself type of stories that it’s quite hard to hit the right spot. Yet, there are a few left, so I hope this will hit one of those.

Nemesis was born and raised to protect Sidonia. She was taught to give her own life for Sidonia’s and kill if anyone endangers her. Yet, Sidonia is taken hostage and Nemesis has only one possibility to try to save her – to pretend to be her. An assassin that masks herself in the midst of politicians and finds out more about herself than she could ever before… But will that help to save Sidonia?

These are my most anticipated books of November, hope you enjoyed my list! Please let me know in the comments what are your most anticipated books of November and if any of mine will make your list!