So I spent most of the September worrying about the new flat and the things we need to buy and all the other useless stuff that really needs no worrying. I ended up actually not having that much time to buy books, so this month’s list is a short one. But, boy, I wanted to buy a lot more books! I know that partially the reason why I limited myself, is that I have a lot smaller bookshelf in the new place and that kind of makes you appreciate the e-reader.

Anyways, here’s my list (if you call four a list) of hard copies of books I’ve bought in the past month!

Sally Gardner – I, Coriander
This is a book I have heard a lot about from my friends. I was under the impression that it is a very popular one, but as it turns out it doesn’t have that many reviews on goodreads. Anyways, after I read the description, I am quite eager to read it, hopefully it will be great.

The book takes place in the 17th century, London (I live there, ha!) and is about a girl named Coriander, who tells her childhood story – how she discovered that she has inherited magical powers from her mother – a fairy princess.


Pierce Brown – Golden Son (Red Rising #2)
This is a book that is actually for my boyfriend Tom. He is really keen and (as I am writing this) sits next to me and is reading it. He was very captivated with the first – Red Rising and seems that he can’t put down the Golden Son either.

To avoid spoilers (as I haven’t read any of them yet), I will not give a description. But, once I get to reviewing them, there’s a fair chance, that Tom might have a cameo in it.


Lucinda Riley – The Angel Tree
This book is one of those that I just picked up at a store and after reading the annotation decided that it could be a really interesting read.

The story is about Greta, who left Marchmont Hall thirty years ago, but now has returned after a tragic accident that has blanked out two decades of her life. But after returning, places and things are slowly starting to seem and feel familiar, so Greta explores more and more of her past and learns what kind of a person she really is.


Alan Moore, David Lloyd – V For Vendetta
This is another one that was mostly bought for my boyfriend, who is repeating a lot of ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November…’ every year and he apparently absolutely loved the film. I on the other hand hated the film, but believe that it was because of my young age, when I watched it, so now I am ready to give it another chance.

V for Vendetta is a graphic novel set in a futuristic fascist England. The book captures both the police side and the rebel side of the story and entwines it in a powerful story about loss of freedom and frighteningly realistic totalitarianism.


So these are the books I’ve purchased in the past month, I hope you enjoyed this little haul! As always, let me know your thoughts on the books in the comments bellow, as well as let me know, what books have you bought in September 2016!