October is almost here and I really can’t believe it – time is flying. It’s been incredibly warm here in London this September! I enjoyed a week off of blogging, because I was tired of hunting down loose ends of internet that I could use to write, research and post, but now I have moved (at last!), I have internet and am starting to get used to the new home.

Honestly October for me seems a bit shabby, when talking about releases. I didn’t feel very excited, when putting the new releases in a list. And if sometimes I feel like the books are literally fighting to get in those five books I will post, this month I almost felt like perhaps it is not worth making a list, because there’s nothing that I really want to get my hands on (funnily enough though I have six books this month!). Hopefully the books will prove me wrong and will be really awesome.

Penelope Douglas – Punk 57
This book got on my TBR list a good while ago and it is the most exciting book on my October list, I just hope that not everything is already disclosed in the description. And that it will really be as cool as I hope. It gives a bit of an Eurotripish vibe out and hopefully will be awesome!

The book is about pen pals Misha and Ryen, who are writing to each other for years, but have never met and never exchanged even a picture. When Misha by mistake finds a girl online that strongly resembles Ryen, he wants to meet her, but what if not all the books are fairy tales and he doesn’t like what he sees?
Meanwhile Ryen gets worries, because Misha is not writing to her anymore and she starts to regret never exchanging phone numbers. But what if he hasn’t been lost? What if he’s always been there?

Melissa de la Cruz – Something in Between
This story is quite close to being realistic and I kind of hope that it is going to deal more with the political issues and general wrongness than the protagonists love life and some kind of cliche rebelling.

Jasmine is a top student, she works amazingly hard, to be the best, to learn as much as she can and get a full college scholarship. Her happiness shatters when her parents get inspiration to reveal that their visas expired years ago and that they are in the country illegally. For Jasmine it means no scholarship, maybe no college at all and it is her time to stop playing the good girl and show her rebellious side by trying out everything she always said ‘no’ to. Does she or does she not fit into the ‘American dream’?

Sarah Glenn Marsh – Fear the Drowning Deep
This book promises mystery, magic and romance all in one, besides it tells little about what exactly is going to happen, so I have high, maybe even too high hopes for it. And the cover is just amazing, don’t you think?

Bridey is an apprentice to a witch and has hated the ocean ever since she watcher her grandfather dive in and drown with a smile on his face. And when the sixteen year old finds a dead girl in a tide time, she realised that whatever killed her grandfather has returned to the Isle of Man and she has to find out more, because more and more villagers are disappearing in the night, never to be seen again…

Destiny Soria – Iron Cast
I am not completely sure I understand what this book is about and I think that is part of the reason why I put it on my list. Because it promises discoveries in a world and time I probably will like.

Corinne and Ada is part of the Iron Cast Club that entertains during night through illusion of art and by day they con Boston’s elite. But when Ada is imprisoned, they realise how dangerous everything they do is and how precarious their position is. As the law is closing in, the girls are forced to hunt for answers…


As I didn’t have really a hard fifth one, I will put two together, creating the fifth most anticipated book.

Emma Chase – Royally Screwed and
Erin Watt – Twisted Palace (The Royals #3)

Both are very royal and very chick lit type, which might be bordering with erotica.  I am not entirely sure, if I am excited for them enough, so I’m pairing them up together.

The Royally Screwed is about a waitress and an annoying prince who fall in love and have to face the difficulties that obviously come with this type of relationship. And I am a sucker for Cinderella type of stories, so, as long as it doesn’t become a full erotica (as the cover suggests), I’ll probably like it.

Twisted Palace is the third book in the series of The Royals and although I absolutely loved the first book, the second book was a huge disappointment, so I am about 50-50 on this one, I want to hope that it will bring back the awesomeness of the first one, but my realistic mind objects that it is going the traditional soap-erotica path and has no chance of getting me back to love it. Will see, shall we?

Let me know what are your most anticipated books of the next month in the comments bellow and your thoughts on my books!