August is coming to an end so fast and once I looked at the releases of September, I was a bit taken aback, because either it will be an awesome book month with lots of magic and adventures, or it is going to crush and burn. Because there are so many series and especially magical series coming out that when picking out the ones I expect the most, I started to think that perhaps I should scrap the whole thing. Many times I have been disappointed by a wonderful description and a bad book, so let’s just hope that all these books live up to the expectations. Let’s dive in!

Kerri Maniscalco – Stalking Jack the Ripper (Untitled Trilogy #1)

Seventeen-year-old Audrey Rose Wadsworth was born in a good family and has a lot of privileges, but against the rules of how young women should act, Audrey likes to slip away to her uncle’s laboratory to study forensics. Her secret work brings her to a string of events and investigations on brutally murdered corpses, which appears to be done by a serial murderer.

Since last year, when my friend Anete was visiting me and we did a Jack the Ripper tour, I am weirdly interested in finding out more theories about him (or her) and well, a fictional novel about a secret murderer seems like something I might enjoy and something that probably will give me nightmares. It is supposed to be the first book in an untitled trilogy!

Traci Chee – The Reader (Sea of Ink and Gold #1)

Sefia and her aunt Nin flees into the wilderness after the girls father is brutally murdered. Nin teaches her to hunt, track, steal and survive on her own until she is kidnapped and Sefia is left alone with no clue, where Nin has been taken. But with a help of a book left by her father and stranger’s help, Sefia sets out to find her aunt and get revenge.

This is a first book in series called Sea of Ink and Gold and seems to be like a hit or miss type of thing. I have to admit that part of my curiosity was the obvious Asian cover, but mostly the fact that the annotation didn’t really tell anything tickled my curiosity. I probably will wait out to see, if this is good, but hope for the best!

Kendare Blake – Three Dark Crowns (The Three Dark Crowns #1)

On the island of Fennbirn three queens are born in every generation, all equal heirs to the throne and each possessor of magic. The night sisters turn sixteen, the fight for the crown begins – the winner gets the throne, but the losers – death. But what if one or two, or maybe three sisters don’t actually possess the magical powers? What if… not the strongest, but the evilest and darkest wins the throne?

So this is obviously the big hit of September and, of course, the first book in Three Dark Crowns series. I am sure that most people who follow up with book news, especially in young adult genre are expecting this. And I have to admit that the story didn’t seem as interesting as the overall interest in the story. So I will try to push myself and read this before I have seen many spoilers and disappointments/praises.

Jessica Cluess – A Shadow Bright and Burning (Kingdom on Fire #1)
Henrietta Howel is brought to London to train with her Majesty’s sorcerers. As Henrietta discovers the secrets of sorcerer life, she begins to doubt everything in her life. The fellow sorcerers who have decided to test her skills and heart aren’t much help either. One will challenge her, one will fight for her and one will betray her.

London and sorcery mentioned in the description? Yes, please!

Emma Donoghue – The Wonder

An English nurse Lib is hired to observe and document an eleven year-old girl who is supposedly a living miracle. Anna O’Donnell has not eaten for four months, due to the grace of God. Is it really a miracle or just a smart hoax? 

Well, there’s not much to say, I am one in for a mysterious thriller and this is supposed to be one indeed. I am a bit confused, in some places the description says that there’s a journalist, some – a nurse, is it the same person or two different one?


This is my list of the most anticipated books of September, hope you will find something useful and of your interest and don’t hesitate to drop your most expected books of the September in the comments below!