Broken Prince is the second book in The Royals series that came out very recently – in July 2016, and is written by Erin Watt which is a pen name for well known writers – Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy. As always – this review will contain spoilers for the first book in the series. Both authors have joined up to write these series and although the reception of first book didn’t seem too big, the series have blown up and are having a great success. Seems like most people who read young adult have already read this one! 

Although I claimed the first book – Paper Princess (here’s my review) to be my guilty pleasure (I pretty much loved it), I did not like the second book in these series. Broken Prince follows up the events of the previous book without a pause and straight away resolves the cliffhanger that ended the first book and gives new things to consider in the never ending attempts to understand the Royal family. The reader gets an insight into what happened at the end of the first book with Reed and gives us a clear idea why Ella ran away and what is happening with them and how the problems are resolved.

The story line was silly, the whole thing with Brooke seemed like it is straight out of a soap opera (and I can’t stop thinking about biggest of them all – The Bold and the Beautiful, where since the very first episodes they had Brooke, quite similar to this Brooke). The whole Ella’s ‘being-angry’ thing made no sense to me, because she was angry for the wrong reasons – reasons that wouldn’t survive criticism. It was like I would eat all of your carrot cake and once you would find that out, you would be angry at me for going on a trip to Paris – this kind of illogical anger was in this book and it pissed me off big time.

About the ending… I hated that Reed lied again, I found it to be so stupid. I, in general, usually find lies in books stupid, but this was a lie queen, because they had this anti-lying promise and after all he had gone through it seemed like the most reckless attitude to ‘his girl’. By the time I got to the end, I was quite upset that the book wasn’t as emotional and addictive as the first one, that I didn’t even care about the cliffhangers and how they will be resolved. The first, concerning Reed seemed obvious to me and… The rest of them, well, there was some really quickly planned or unplanned revenge and something I didn’t care about at all. Superb, right?

As I said before, this book gives a lot more insight into Reed’s thoughts and actions and we get his point of view quite a lot. I don’t know, if it has something to do with me being a girl, but I didn’t like it at all. He didn’t have too many original thoughts and it looked like a girls idea of what a boy could possibly think and it didn’t really reflect thoughts that a real person would have (no boy thinks of his ‘girls’ sexiness 24/7). The reason why I mention this, is because many teenage girls would read it and dream about their classmates and friends, build up expectations for boys, thinking that that is exactly what and how boys think… But it’s not.

Reed’s parts also appeared to be rushed, I felt (!) like sentences were shorter, less descriptive and rushing through to get back to Ella’s POV and feelings, as if the authors weren’t sure of the plot for him or just didn’t know how to put their thoughts into words. I can also see that perhaps the authors wanted to show the difference in characters and the way they think. In that case they succeeded, but I didn’t really enjoy it.

I also had a pretty huge problem with relationship between the two protagonists. I know (or I guess) that the authors usually write more erotic type stories, which might be the reason behind this – to continue in their own genre. Unfortunately I am not a fan of the genre, which means that the fact that the ‘love’ was mostly described as memories of sexy body, moves of the body while dancing, lips around the pe… Ok, let’s stay PG…
What I meant to say is that no spiritual connection was really described, nothing about soulmates from Reeds side. He just once mentions that he understands our protagonist and she repeats that a lot in her head eventually believing it, while the dude never thought of that little thought again and made me feel like he just said that, because he felt like that’s the way to get the girl.

My distaste for Val haven’t changed and I feel like she is behind some kind of evil plot. I also think that she is going to end up with Easton (and is not going to be behind an evil plot, because Easton wouldn’t date her then). Easton on the other hand was my favourite character – again! I have to give all four thumbs up to the authors, his lines were really funny and they are doing a great work on his character. It seems to be the best made and the most consistent one. (2)So, yeaaaaaaah… I really wanted to love this book because I was addicted to the first one and after reading so many good reviews about this – the second one, I was happy to see that people liked it so much, but at the end it didn’t work out for me. This pretty much wasn’t my type of book and I gave it two stars on goodreads. I am sure that most of the teens that read the first one will love to follow up and read this one as well. So let me know in the comments how you loved the book, so I could sit and envy you!