A lot of sequels for series are coming out in August and it just so happens that I haven’t read most of those series, so I can’t really be excited about them coming out. Yet, there are some gems, that aren’t second+ in series, that I hope to read and love, so lets get on with it…


Jay Kristoff – Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle #1)

Mia is a daughter of an executed traitor. She is hunted by Senate and doesn’t have anyone to turn to. Her gift – speaking with the shadows brings her together with a new life – she becomes apprentice in the Red Church, deadliest assassin organisation in Republic. If she manages to beat all the other apprentices, she will be closer to avenging her father, which is her goal. But, things are not as easy as they seem, there’s a killer loose in the Red Church, Mia’s past returns to haunt her and she has to find a way to beat it all…

I actually got this one from Netgalley, but haven’t gone around reading it yet. This book seems very exciting and dark. I guess in some sense I hope that it is going to be everything Throne of Glass wasn’t for me. I am really intrigued as I usually am about fantasy world assassin books and hope that this one won’t fail me. Yet, I can’t unsee the fact that it seems like assassin books might become a trend, which is not what I want at all.


Renee Carlino – Swear on This Life

Emiline has dreamed about becoming a successful writer for a long time, so when a new rising star – author J.Colby appears, she can’t help but feel envious, but it changes, when she picks up the book, she gets sucked into the story of two people who have been friends since childhood and fall in love, dreaming about better future for them.

After reading the book, she is sure that this book is actually a real story and she is the main hero of it, which means that pseudonym  J.Colby belongs to no other, but her first love Jose.

I find this to be really, really interesting, because I am sure that many authors include things in their books that have happened in the real life or something that resembles things that have happened, and I have always wandered how it is for the people who read it and feel like it’s about them. Super excited about this one!


Lucinda Gray – The Gilded Cage

This story takes place in 1820s England and is about sixteen-year-old Katherine, who enjoys the splendour and her new upperclass life, but it all changes when her brother drowns. Katherina doesn’t believe that it was an accident and can’t follow the customs of mourning, because she wants to uncover the truth behind her brothers death, but that makes people start to question her sanity.

Even more, there’s a rumour of a wandering wild animal and Katherina is afraid that her life will be taken too.

This seems a bit crazy and a hit or miss type of thing, but I love this period in time, so I hope it will be a mysterious and intriguing read.


Hannah West – Kingdom of Ash and Briars

This book twines many fairy tales together and is about Bristal, an orphaned kitchen maid who discovers magical abilities that include shape-shifting. Her gifts are frightening and come with responsibility and Bristal needs to choose one – seek the good of the world to protect and serve mortals or to follow her own strengths and risk the corruption of unknown terrors.

This, kind of, seems like a book that is not just going one or another way. It promises some doubts in protagonist about choices (and about what is good and what bad as well as the sacrifice the hero has to make) and that is already awesome. I’m also happy that this is a stand-alone, which means that we are getting a conclusion to this as well.


Jessica Brody – A Week of Mondays

Ellison Sparks has had the worst day of her life, it seems like she can do nothing right and she has to watch her life crumble around her. She just wishes to live the day again and is sure, if it would happen, she would be able to fix it all.

Next day, when she wakes up, she discovers that her wish was granted and now Ellison jumps into fixing everything. But no matter what she does, she can’t fix one thing and that is the most important one…

I know that this is a complete teenage book, yet I love a good loop, where random wishes become reality with no explanation and something needs to be done or fixed in order to get back to normal. So I am hoping that this isn’t going to be too cheesy, but I have a tiny suspicion that I will enjoy it either way.


So these are my most anticipated books for the month of August. Is there anything you are eagerly waiting for? Did I miss something good? Let me know in the comments!