Paper Princess is the first book in the Royals series and it first came out in April 2016. It is not known, how many books the series will have, but at the moment there are planned at least two more – Broken Prince to come out in July and Twisted Palace – in October. There was a post by Erin Watt on goodreads that stated, that first three books will concentrate on Ella, which obviously promises more than three books, but time will show, how much we will really get.

Erin Watt is a pseudonym for two authors – Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy – who both seem to have a lot of experience in erotic, romantic type of writing. I have never read anything from the two authors, but I found this book to be my kryptonite.

This book is not a brilliant piece of literature, it is rather bad, unbelievable and could be in the ‘Teenage Romance’ series I read, when I was like fourteen and am terribly ashamed from now. Yet, although my mind understands that this is not a good book, it doesn’t change the fact that I finished it in one sitting and loved it. It is always hard to admit that you like something that you shouldn’t, but sometimes the heart has to win over the brain.

When going into this book, I knew only one thing – it ends on a cliffhanger. So I was very surprised to see that a book about ‘princess’ and ‘royals’ is actually about a stripper’s daughter who is trying to scramble money to go to school and get on with her life (read: have a better life than her mother). After the first shock passed and I continued ignoring the red lights of ‘this would never happen’ and ‘that is just unbelievable’, I was so deep into the book that I got butterflies in my stomach.

So when I was coming close to the end and thinking about the cliffhanger, I felt like I want to put the book in the freezer, because I was so scared of what could happen to my little babies. I was terrified and couldn’t read on, yet I pushed past that and thankfully my cliffhangers were a lot more destroying than the author’s, which is funny, because a lot of people in their reviews say that they can’t wait for the next book, because the cliffhanger is so tense, while I actually relaxed when I finished and kind of felt peaceful that none of my bad plot predictions happened. I guess it wasn’t really a disappointment, because I was so tense and it made me relax again.

I don’t have to talk about the plot for you to know that it is ridiculous and has a very small chance of ever happening in the real life. But the characters on the other hand are quite likable and I actually know a few people who could fit the descriptions of the protagonists.

Ella – the main heroine – is brave, mature, cocky and clever, but at the same time she is insecure and has issues she doesn’t show to others, because that is what life has proven for her to be working. She is not just strong or just weak, she is both, just like a real person and has her struggles, which just makes the reader to be able to connect with her.

From the brothers, I think we all kind of know one or two Easton’s. And I just can’t deny, he is flirty, but funny and sweet and obviously I like him the best (like all the people in the book?). His relationship with brothers does seem creepy, but that is the part where ‘this is not believable at all’ comes in. I don’t know what to think of Gid yet. I didn’t really like the twins (as people, not as characters) and based on all the tension in the air, I can’t not like Reed.

I am a tiny bit afraid that the next books in The Royals series won’t be as captivating as this one or I will start to see all the flaws, but I will definitely read the second one and then we will see, where to move from there. This book received four stars from me on my goodreads page and I would recommend it to teenagers and young adults who melt for romance; and for those, who sometimes enjoy a hot love-hate relationship as a guilty pleasure. Yet, this is one of those that, if you don’t like it by the middle of it, don’t bother finishing, it is just not for you – not every romance can be a guilty pleasure.

Let me know, if the book worked for you in the comments below and which of the brothers you would choose. What did you think of Daniel? Where do you think this is all going?