Never Never #3 is the third installment in story by Tarryn Fisher and Colleen Hoover…  I still have never read anything from Mrs Fisher, but I have read Confess (my review) by Mrs Hoover. I disliked the book as I generally do with the sweet, sweet romance and in my mind I did put a label on Hoover as author, I will never like. If you read my blog frequently enough, you will know that I sometimes like cliche romance stories, but they have to have something special and I have a feeling that Colleen Hoover will never give that feeling to me. It is sometimes
sad that one cannot like everything he reads, right?

Well in this case, I decided that I cannot judge author by just one book and have to read something else, although my gut screamed at me, that I will regret it. And I do, oh I do.

Never Never concentrates on Silas and Charlie – a couple who experienced an unusual type of amnesia. In this third installment both Charlie and Silas find peace with themselves and their surroundings, they look at life from a brand new perspective and solve the mystery of how they forgot everything in their lives, including each other.

Although I appreciated that the characters changed in the previous books, I felt that the changes they had in this one were wrong – they didn’t fit in the scenes and story, they didn’t really have much of a reason to be the way they were. The scene that was made in the first two books was changed quite a bit character character-wise and I really disliked Charlie and by the end Silas too.

All the series had wonderful suspense and a lot of clues were given to the readers to try and solve the mystery of how Silas and Charlie got they memory loss, it was really exciting in the first book, it was merely okay in the second one and in the third one, once we get the big reveal, it is just a huge disappointment. The story had a unique and promising premise, I think it could have been an amazing book and definitely one of my favourites, if the solution to the whole mystery wouldn’t have been on the level of an eight grader/fairy tale. So, yeah, the more I think about this installment, the angrier I get, because it could have been so much, so great.

It also seemed in this book that love is all about sex and making out and perhaps it wasn’t meant like that, but everything seemed to lead to that. Sure, desire is part of it, but not all. I hated also the scenes with intimacy, I don’t understand why authors continue putting vague, embarrassing (to authors not characters) and slightly unrealistic scenes in young adult books, do teens really dig that?

It (all the scenes, not this book or scene particularly) seems like some sort of pornography for nerds/bookworms (call us as you wish), where nothing that actually happens in sex is really said. It just kind of happens in a dreamy and fluffy way and then everyone is happy, oh so happy.

Plus, I still feel like their reasons were not valid enough to write it in such short installments and even, if they had to do it so, so badly, they could have written the whole book first and then published it in installments to avoid the waiting time (or just to not seem a bit like arses, because saying that you really want to write a book and publish it in parts just to go around a contract you signed, seems a bit assholish, if you actually don’t write it).

And the last thing (actually it was the first one) that pissed me off was the fact that I had no memory of the previous parts and although obviously the characters wouldn’t read and explain everything again, it would have been nice, if, for example, Charlie would have picked up a paper and said: ‘Hey, this looks like a list of the  most important things we should know about ourselves’. And then she would read it. And that is all that was needed to remind the readers about what happened before. Simple, isn’t it?

I did somewhat like the ending, not the solution, but the last chapter of the story. I liked the events that happened to those youngsters and was a bit more intrigued to see all that story line from an outside perspective instead of an inside one, knowing what is happening. I guess something like the Selection’s fourth book.

This installment was ridiculous, it was just such a waste of time. I suggest to read just the first book and think up an explanation for yourself, because it is going to be a lot more fun and the book will seem a lot better (unless you are a fan of the authors and are expecting the ending to be exactly that way). So needless to say that this book received one star from me on my goodreads page. Yay, huh? I need to read something really good asap!

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the story and the solution to the mystery. Did you find it underwhelming? Or did you love it?