Bridget Jones’s Diary is a phenomena that first saw the daylight in 1996… Since then Bridget has come a long way and conquered a lot of hearts. As most of the people know, the series now have three books and two films out and received a lot of love from audience. What more, this is one of the rare situations where many agree that the movie was better than the book.

As said Bridget Jones’s Diary is the first book in the series and as per title, we are reading Bridget’s diary, she is writing about all her struggles to lose weight, struggles to find love and of course her sometimes egoistic experiences with her friends and family. It is sometimes funny, sometimes stupid and overall very British experience.

My audience is not always 18 or 21, or whatever it is you think is “adult”, so although I do not encourage swearing, alcohol consumption or smoking, I might occasionally do some of that (especially the first one), be aware that all “swear words” have been substituted by word “bunny” and that this review contains Bridget drinking and smoking.

I wasn’t sure, if I will like the book, I had heard a lot about these books being worse than films and now when the rumors are out about what happened in the third book, I was especially skeptic about it, because lets face it – we all love Darcy! Yet the book wasn’t really AS bad. Wasn’t great either though.

I didn’t like that Bridget was meant to be an idiot. Honestly, she seemed like an idiot in the books and I couldn’t see a reason why would anyone like her. I mean, not only the character didn’t care about anything in the world, she also didn’t really understand much of what she did know. And perhaps at the beginning it was funny, but the later it got, the more annoying it was. I absolutely favourite (no sarcasm) moment of her bunny-ness was for “throwing the matches”, it was hilarious!

What else was hard to understand was her alcohol consumption and weight correlation. So, her weight is 8-9 stone, which everyone and herself obviously thinks is very fat. Yet, when I dropped  it in weight calculator to convert to kilos (to make sure that I remember correctly how much a stone is), it was 50 to 60 kilos, which is a good weight, even quite light. In the film Bridget is a little chubby and we can see how she feels insecure, yet in the book, she is quite light and beats herself up for being obese. I don’t get it, is it different “stone” we are talking about?

But alright, lets accept that she is fat and wants to lose weight and has issues with emotional eating and binge (like we all, huh?), not to mention alcohol and smoking problems. I didn’t get, if the author meant to overdo the book so much to make it funny (for example, Bridget consuming 20 smoothies a day) or was she actually serious? And if it was serious that Bridget drinks so many units of alcohol a day, smokes so much and on most of the days consumes over 4000 calories… then what the bunny? Why the bunny would she still be 9 stone, if she is eating twice as much as she needs? I should be team Bridget and say hooray, but I don’t feel like it is a very realistic perspective we’re looking at.

The book is written in a very British manner and I have no idea, if I would be able to understand all of it, if I wouldn’t live in London because some things (like “tube”) was a mystery for me when I didn’t live here. There’s a lot of swearing and sometimes the language gets a little bit in the way, but all in all, the author keeps to her style and it is an accomplishment in that sense.

Lets get to the things I loved about the book! I loved the fact that both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth (both starring in the film) were mentioned in the book, so it is so cool that they got them to be in the film. I know that some might say that there are just so many British actors, but believe me, there are more than you think!

I also loved the fact that Bridget compared Mark Darcy to Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice BBC series and it was so, so clever and cool, especially because I knew that they are the same person (played by the same actor), I was just smiling like a lunatic about it and it was really cool that the managed to pull off having the same actor for that role. I believe that it might be a very different experience, if you would read the book before 2001 (when the first Bridget’s film came out) and after it – when we know that both Darcy’s are being played by the same Colin… I mean Mr Firth…

I also liked the twist with Bridget’s mother. It was slightly different in the films and made more sense and I don’t know, we got to know her better, that’s why it seemed better?

Mostly this book had ups and downs and honestly, if I felt sad and desperate, the book was a page turner, but if I felt happy, the book was so slow paced and annoying – so that is for sure, it is a book for the sad days!

It was hard to rate it, I wanted to give it three stars, but ended up giving two, the inconsistencies were too much for me and I just couldn’t deal with some of the stuff. Yet I don’t think that this is a teenage girl book. I watched the film for the first time as a teenager myself and I loved it, but the book is not as silly as the movie and youngsters might not be fans of what is happening to a 30 year old spinster.

Let me know, if you have read it and if not – what did you think of the film! And as I have mentioned before, I am going to Rome next weeks, so, if there’s anything I need to see, let me know bellow! Ciao!