Geek Girl is first book in six book series (originally meant as a trilogy) written by a former model Holly Smale and is her debut novel. First published in 2013, it is partially based on her own experience in school as a geek and transformation she went thought when she was spotted and became a model. She herself has said that she didn’t enjoy modelling (if I am not mistaken, she did it for two years), but nevertheless, she picks and objective point of view in this first book, to show both – the good and the bad sides of fashion world.

Harriet is a geek, most of the people in her school don’t like her and even bully her. She has only one friend – Natalie, who has dreamed since childhood, that one day she will become a model. Harriet doesn’t like fashion or shows, but she agrees to join Nat in her many activities to gain skills that are needed in fashion. Unfortunately, the moment Nat has her big chance to get spotted, it is Harriet who gets the spotlight. Fashion and modelling, ruins friendships, educations, relationships, but at the same time opens Harriet’s eyes about many other things.

This book is definitely for teenage girls, not for adults and not even young adults. And if you are a boy… Well, it might be for you, if you are really into fashion and want to become a model or, if you are just fabulous. I’m not. Sadly.

It is a pure fantasy every teenage girl could have and gives hope that it might actually happen to them. For those whose modelling and daydreaming days are over, it is just an easy and fast read that doesn’t take much thinking or analysis.

I have to mention that I am sad that I am not a teenager anymore and didn’t love the book as I am sure, I would have ten years ago. And that makes me feel old, but nevertheless, I admire and love the fact that the author is writing about things she knows and I want to mention that although the book wasn’t to my liking, it did leave a good impression of the author.

I expected the author to be the master of the scene, hence she knows what is happening in fashion world, but some of the events seemed really unlikely to me and even though it is a teenager’s book, I did expect some sort of holding on to reality (because usually they don’t). I get that many books for younger audience don’t really hold on to the reality, because that is a thing hard to sell and because that’s how you capture attention, but still, it just doesn’t make sense and leaves wrong impression of how people in fashion give away contracts and make decisions. But if that actually is how it happens… I’m going to put down that cookie and become a model.

The characters in this book are very different from each other, it almost seems to me that each character represents a part of Holly, the inner doubts and fights she had to go through when deciding, if she wants to become a model. Harriet is evolving and the people around her just seem as parts of her future self, where she will see how to use step-mother’s seriousness or Dad’s funniness.

And I am really happy that names of the characters are so easy – no weird and hard to remember names, I know all main characters and even the secondary character names and I think that it is an important part to push a book into the long term memory.

The story develops quite fairy tale like and is a fast read (with big letters) and some humor, but it seemed to me like it would be so much better as a film. I would have loved to see quite a lot of those scenes that I read and even though I didn’t enjoy reading it, I think I might enjoy watching it (and that comes from a person, who dislikes films).

In some way it did make me think of “The Devil Wears Prada” – just a children’s version of it.

This book received from me two stars, purely because of incredibility, predictability and because it is teenager book, but I ain’t one of them anymore. I would definitely recommend it to daydreaming girls in their teenage years. And it doesn’t even matter, if the girl likes fashion, because book gives both perspectives and girls at that age have the wonderful ability to dream even about things they don’t really want or need.

For parents reading this review – it does promote good grades and learning and shows both good and bad sides of fashion and modelling (in a primitive way, but still does) and is totally PG rated, with biggest thing being a kiss. So it is safe for buying it as a gift.