Cress by Marissa Meyer is author’s third novel in The Lunar Chronicles series and it first came out in 2014. Now everyone’s holding breath, because tomorrow on 10th of November, the last book – Winter is coming out. So, if you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, you still have a chance.

In Meyer’s novel we continue our journey with characters we already know from previous two books – two fugitives and their friends on a quest to save Earth from Lunar Queen Levana.

Cinder is obsessed with saving Earth and masks her feelings for Kai under the need to rescue him, in order to succeed in her plan. But there are many obstacles in her way, she not only doesn’t know to whom she can trust, but she doesn’t even know, if any of her friends are alive. Nevertheless Cinder keeps pushing because she knows that, if Princess Selena doesn’t appear soon, everyone on Earth will be in peril.

Scarlet shows all the love and care for Wolf, they both know that they have met the one – their alpha, so when Scarlet is kidnapped and tortured, she couldn’t even imagine the depression and fury Wolf is going through – lost all his hopes and endangering everyone around him.

Cress manages to save herself in a crash, which could have been (and was intended to be) lethal, but landing in the middle of Sahara isn’t really the dream come true. She struggles through sand, living in dreams that turn into delusions and illusions, pushing, hurting, never knowing if she will ever find a way out of desert or will die in the sand.

These three stories are sometimes separate, sometimes connected, but they all tell the story of what happens to the heroes of the world.

I know that I said that Scarlet can be read without reading Cinder first, but I cannot say that Cress could be read without reading Scarlet. The author doesn’t dwell on the past things, so some details might not be understandable for a reader who has started with this book. Even more – author tends to repeat things that happened only hundred pages ago. And that, indeed, is tiring.IMG_3404

The characters don’t stand out as different in this book, they all have developed a bit. The most of course – Cinder, who is learning to work with her gift and I feel a little bit like she is trying to find her place in world – trying to figure out, who or what exactly she is and where is her place.

I do think that most of the developments for all the characters can be justified, but that doesn’t change that I didn’t like Cress. I feel awful saying this, because Rapunzel is my favourite fairy tale, but unfortunately Cress is too genius and stupid and naive and not-naive at the same time. She has a strong character, but she doesn’t show the character, so it makes me feel like the author tried to give too much to her and ended up making her arrogant.

It’s hard to make out the best or worst characters. I think that the author is doing a great job with the characters she has time to develop, but meanwhile, there are many that are introduced during the latter books and sometimes seems like Meyer tries to rush their development and it leaves a premature feeling to the reader.

Jacin, in my opinion was a nice addition to the book and gave a bit of spice and uncertainty until the very end. I was sad that he didn’t get more appearances, but I think it might be changes in next book. I would have preferred, if his story wouldn’t remind me so much of Wolf’s, but still – an interesting character.

I didn’t like a lot of parts of this book and I honestly think it was too long. So many paragraphs could have been left out of it – many pages that gave no new information or developments, it just seemed like a filler to get the necessary page count.

Probably an unpopular opinion will be that I don’t like that there’s romance in each book. They are all very fairy tale-ish and transparent – the first two were fine, but in this one… I had too much of it. People don’t die and don’t have unhappy love in this world? (Which is not really a true statement, because people do die quite a lot.)

The ending, however, was dramatic, as the plan was unclear and anything could have happened. It was stressful and really entertaining, perhaps because this is still not the end, so there’s always more to know. It didn’t really end at a cliffhanger as the characters had no idea what to do next, so I am not desperate to grab Winter tomorrow, to find out what happens next, but it gave a nice ending for Cress, which I appreciated a lot.

I do still prefer Scarlet over Cress (both as book and as character), although Scarlet in Cress was also slightly annoying. I think though, that before jumping into Winter that comes out tomorrow, I will have a loot at
Fairest, which is a novel about Levana. She kind of gave me a nice vibe in the last few chapters, so I might get some good feelings for her.

This book is definitely for those who have read the series and know where they are getting into, it received three out of five stars from me (currently it’s goodreads rating is 4.49, which is CRAZY!), so yeah, if you are wondering, to keep with the series, listen to all those five star ratings and give it a try!

Have you read all three books? Which love story and character do you prefer and love the most? Have you cried while reading these books? How do you thing Cinder will manage her plan? Have you pre-ordered Winter? Should I read Fairest before going on? Let me know all that in comments below and, if you have any suggestions of what I should read next, let me know that as well!