Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas is her first book and first book in Throne of Glass series, at the moment there are three books out, but the fourth one is coming out this year on 1st of September. I believe that it is planned to be six book series and people say, it gets better and better with every book. Sarah J. Maas started to write this story when she was sixteen years old and has developed and polished the characters and story since her teen years, for it to get published in 2012. This is the first book I’ve read from her and was avoiding it for some time because I wanted to have the perfect vibe for reading it. Unfortunately, what I saw, I did not like. My apologies, dear fans!

The story is about girl named Celaena, who works in salt mines since she was convicted after her crimes done against the crown. Her work is famous and that is the reason Prince Dorian seeks for her, when the Royal family has decided to entertain themselves with an assassin competition, she is summoned to take part in it and fight for the prize – her freedom. The book follows Celaena in this competition and reveals many evils dwelling in the palace that nobody knows of.

I honestly think that author’s ideas for this book are great, I wish I had thought of assassin contest, sounds amazing, dangerous and breathtaking, doesn’t it? Until we find out that three Tests have already passed and some competitors have left and some were killed and that one tried to escape. Do you get my vibe? The actual contest and competitors is not described, the author pays more attention to dresses and love interests of the main character than becoming King’s Champion.

The thing is that every single idea in this book seems wonderful, but is executed poorly and leads from a great point to a completely useless, almost seems like the ideas were too great for the author, because there’s so much potential and none (yes, none) is actually fulfilled in my opinion. That’s why I have referencing to this book as a slap in my face. Because every time I actually got excited about an idea, the author just slapped me and lead me back to the pretty dresses, balls and kissing (or thinking of it).

The writing was poor, it wasn’t bad as some might think, it was just inexperienced and I am a bit surprised that some of sentences that were in this book, made it past the editor. When I just started writing in my teenage years, I did it similar to Mrs. Maas – I posted my stories and chapters online, so people could comment and point out my mistakes and that’s how I learned to see the wrongs and learn to write better, I also learned to see these mistakes in other people’s works. I actually trained myself to notice them, so I wouldn’t make them. And there they were, the basic mistakes in this world famous book, the author has been writing and editing since sixteen (did she edit? Or did she have a bad forum, where no one told of her mistakes?). You cannot wave goodbye with your lips and you cannot push someone away with your brows. These are not quotes, just examples of what I mean by mistakes.

Nevertheless, the writing gets better and it is obvious that the author progresses by the end of the book.

As I said before, the story slapped me and so did the characters. Most of them weren’t made very well. The best one, I would think was Chaol. He was holding onto the characteristics and his own feelings, which totally went very well with his personality traits that we learn while reading this book.

The most frustrating characters though were Dorian and Celaena.

Celaena is spoiled, although she was just working in salt mines for a year, she is over confident and doesn’t make an effort, she’s shallow and doesn’t understand many things, which shows how inconsistent her character is. She doesn’t train properly although is in a bad shape, she doesn’t care for her health or sleep, because she is the greatest assassin, she can kill anyone, blah, blah, blah, basically she is sleeping on old laurels and doesn’t understand life and could have never been the great assassin she pretends to be. Celaena wouldn’t have been able to get past the first tests without any training and the author has given her almost infinite (super)power, just to make her girly and teenage and an assassin at the same time. She is stupid and smart, she is slow and fast, she is stealthy and visible, nonsense. But the main thing that really got me was that she wanted to be recognized so badly, so everyone would know how good she is. Isn’t that the first rule what NOT to do, if you are an assassin?

The prince was as contradictory as the assassin, I don’t want to dwell on him, though, he was a lady’s man, who was shy and wanted to marry for love, but was fiddling around with all the girls in his kingdom (and what a surprise – hates his father’s rule).

The story itself was predictable and I didn’t appreciate the magic bits in it, I do not like this type of magic (although it is not really called magic in the book) use and I thought that the author gave away too many hints, even the main character noticed how the book will end, but chose to ignore it and became blinded by another version of ending. If she really was as smart and dangerous, she wouldn’t have been mislead, especially when evidence was so strong. I also got some predictions about the future of Celaena, but those I will keep to myself.

I am forgetting the character names (and the regions), to be honest, I get it that it is a new kingdom, has to be special and so on (as every single book?), but I do not remember them, that is definitely not a good thing as well as the fact that I actually have no idea of time (century) the story happens. The swords and corsets make me believe that it is not modern, but how would I know, perhaps those are trendy for them in a modern society?

I was given the opinion by many people that I have to ‘hang in there, it will get better, love these series’ and that after ‘the third book it gets better, I love Sarah J. Maas’ writing’ and that it is ‘not as bad, once you continue the series with the next books, you will fall in love with Throne of Glass’. You have to be kidding me? There are only three books out and if the third book is actually worth reading then I wouldn’t say that the series are great. I definitely did not love this book and, I don’t see anything that would make me say that the series are great, if 2/3 of the current ones are plain bad (I am not saying that yet, though, will have a taste of the next books and then will judge the series, now I am only talking about this book and referencing to other people’s opinions). The people who are changing the review for this (first) book to five stars, after reading the third book also makes me feel that something is wrong with the world. Just because one book is good in the series doesn’t mean that all the books suddenly become good. That’s just blindness.

Anyway, I am sad that the author didn’t use her great ideas to create something a lot more awesome, because she had the potential. I will try to hang in there and see, how it goes, hoping for the best. This book received two stars from me on my goodreads page and I would recommend it to teenagers because they tend to care for make-up and love and pretty dresses and perhaps to people who haven’t read many books, but as so many people love this book, perhaps everyone should get a taste of it, because, if you love something a lot, you ignore the flaws and it becomes masterpiece in your eyes.

Let me know what you think of this book, and, if you liked it! Did you pre-order the fourth book?

And, if you have any suggestions for a book you would like me to review, let me know, if a title gets quite a few requests, I will do it!