Never Never #2 is a (second third of a) book by two authors – Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher and was published in May 2015.It is basically the second part of one whole story. It is supposed to have three parts or to be a trilogy, if you wish. The third part is expected to come out sometime next year and as far I checked, according to Colleen Hoover’s facebook page, it should be out around Summer.

Before you read this review, make sure that you have knowledge about the first book. I will try not to go too deep, but just be aware that, if you know nothing about the first one, this review might give you few spoilers.

This part continues to follow Silas and Charlie from the moment we are left off in the first part. Silas has found out what is happening to them, but doesn’t know why it is happening. Once it happens again, he seems to recover pretty quickly just to find out that he has to find Charlie who hasn’t been seen since he left her getting into cab. He searches for Charlie and tries to unravel the mysteries of their past hoping that it will somehow lead to hist girlfriend or the reasons for the events that happen to them every 48 hours.

Although this 48 hour cycle is completely new and not connected to the first one, I felt like the authors somehow put the knowledge of this not being the first time this happens. Because the panic and stress Charlie and Silas had in the first part is completely absent in this part and I feel like it actually should’ve been repeating. I missed it a little bit – the clear acceptance of things and just moving on seemed… wrong? Unbelievable and a bit boring? The characters were slightly different as well, but I guess that is part of the story, though I didn’t like this version of them so much.

In this part the story splits and we follow Silas and Charlie separately and needless to say that I liked Charlies story a lot more, although I kind of predicted it, still it was more mysterious and a bit scary. Till the last moment, I didn’t know, if they are going to find each other or just pass each other and although it didn’t build up tension (unfortunately), it was still a nice uncertainty.

I get it that based on the situation the authors had created they had to find a way for Silas and Charlie to recognize each other and understand the feelings for each other without actually being with each other (each other, each other, each other), but dreaming seemed a bit too cliche and believing and trusting the dreams when nothing is set and sure in their lives – even more so.

Silas’ story was meh, honestly. He’s just going to school, not answering phone, answering phone and reading hell lot of letters (which authors or editors or publishers or whoever was responsible for it, did not indent or I don’t know, put it in Italic… or give them anything to separate from the rest of the text. This bothered me in the first book, but in this second there was a lot more information in letters and it frustrated me really a lot that it seems to be just a part of text).

But in Silas’ story, I really like that Langdon got involved more, because I loved the character already in the first part and I am sure that having him in the team will help them in their quest to find reasons for the events that are happening to them.

I liked this book less than the first one, and actually got bored (and it under 100 pages!), but nevertheless, I gave it three stars on my goodreads page, because I still liked it and I actually couldn’t find a reason to give it less. I think that this book can be read without reading the first one, because we kind of forget all the information anyway after the first one and start from a blank page, but if you haven’t read the first one and think about starting with the second one, I would recommend to start with the beginning as I liked that one better. Anyway – I will read the last one, perhaps not straight away, but will eventually (it comes out next year after all). You can see that I put both of them fairly high on my booklist as well, so, yeah, go ahead and read them.

I gave some bashing in my last review for putting three little books out, instead of one (as clearly these should be all parts of one book), but I have found out, why the authors are publishing three separate parts – some say it is because both authors according to their contracts are not allowed to publish a full book with other publishing house and this is their way of getting around their contract, other say that it is only Colleen Hoover who is not allowed to write a book together with another author. Apparently they really wanted to write together, but because of legal issues couldn’t publish anything they would write, so this story compilation comes in. There are other comments the authors have made, if you wish to know more, just search it up online, but basically what I was trying to say – this book is in a format it is not by a free choice of authors, so I apologize for the bashing I did. I am not sure though, how long their contracts are, perhaps they should’ve just waited those few years before publishing it?

BUT although it is ‘not for money’, I still feel like after all – it is. Why do I feel so? Because it is a one small book released in three parts and the authors haven’t finished the whole book before releasing the first two parts. Yes, the book is not finished and I believe that it should have been finished and then released within a year or so. But now, we have to wait for a year just to get to the last part of it, because it is not done yet.

I accept that it was not for money, but I have my doubts, ok?