Never Never is a (1/3 of a) book by two authors – Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher. Both of them have already quite a few books in their account and I have some in my to-read list, but so it happens that this is the first one from both of these authors. This book was first published this year in January and actually in May already sequel came out (as far as I know, it is going to be a trilogy or one book in three parts). I guess they are doing this not only with films (read: Hobbit = 3 movies), but with books as well. Sure, it stupid, but gives more money and attention. But it is not a reason to leave it unread, because it is fascinating book, so go, get it!

So the story is about two teenagers, Charlie and Silas who have experienced some trouble and now are trying to get out of the pit they have fallen into. They discover a lot of mystery about their family connections and try to unravel how it will and does affect them. While doing so, they try to continue with their normal lives, but fail miserably and also develop feelings for each other! The moment Silas seems to have found the key and a huge clue to find the root of their problems and fix it, he is left alone to deal with it.

While reading this book, I felt like Sherlock, it was just so breathtaking – the clues, the guessing game and trying to understand what is happening and why. It was compelling and I loved it, but there were many downsides, at some places, the mystery was unraveling to slow, because I had all my theories thought up already, but didn’t have the next clue, to try them on the new situation I would have. It would have been forgivable, if I the rest of the book would swoop me off my legs, but the rest of the book had some frustrating moments.

The relationship between Silas and Charlie are recovering from big falls and it is wonderful to see it grow, to see their characters try to understand each other! I even got that tingle in my gut to tell me that this is it, this is going to be amazing! But it doesn’t happen, the relationship is not developed (or described) well enough for me to get excited enough. I did smile few times about the feelings, but I needed more to really love it. I guess, the book just had to be longer, that’s all.

The characters were good. I loved Silas, he is kind and caring and the episode with the counselor actually was predictable and made me not like him as much as I did before. The authors should have made up for it. I understand that it is meant to show people with their flaws, but seriously, the book needs at least one lovable character to stick with. At the same time, I could see all Silas’ descriptions and thoughts about Charlie, her character was made quite similar to me – being afraid to be weak (or to show weakness), building walls and other things and it was interesting to see it in a book, I saw me in there and that gave me the realistic feeling and seemed like a good character building.

Other than that, I don’t think that particular character development was involved, honestly there was no place in this book for it all and the other characters were meant to be forgettable, which fits the book.

But I had some serious issues which I have had before in books. You know how one character in a book finds out a crucial information and then just doesn’t say it to the other main character, because he forgets? Yes, that pisses me off a lot, because, hey, I forgot to tell you this big clue that could totally change our case and mystery and everything we do, not that that for past few days we’ve been thinking only about that, it’s just I… forgot, ok?

You don’t forget such things, this forgetfulness (call it what you want there are many ways in books and films how to avoid to reveal truth) is just a way for lazy people to get away with a story. I might sound harsh, but it is used in so many stories (it is already a cliche) to develop the plot and I don’t think that it is a good ground for it, because it is so doubtful and meaningless. Basically, the whole story would be different, if only one person would remember to tell that one little thing to the other person.

It was really frustrating and I guess it was made this way to stretch the story, so the clues wouldn’t unravel too fast, but it just killed me.

So, yes, I got really upset about this one thing as well as the lack of relationships to support my little tingle, which is the reason this book received three stars from me on goodreads page (which is still a really good rating!). I just wasn’t left wanting more, even after the huge, huge cliffhanger at the end of the book, just because of everything else that bothered me in this book. Don’t misunderstand me, It was a great book with a twisted mystery, it just had quite a few flaws which stepped on my toes.

I would recommend this book to a high variety of people, not only young adults, adults as well, I think it is pretty unique story (some say it is not that unique, but I haven’t read anything like this), I might give it a re-read and hope that it was a short lived frustration in my life, but I’m definitely going for the second one. Perhaps not right away, but soon. I think you should get this little book, you should read it! It’s nothing like the other books, give it a try!