Cinder by Marissa Meyer is the first book in her Lunar Chronicles and also her debut novel! It was first published in 2012 and has been recognized as a wonderful young adult dystopia and a fairy tale retelling.Linh Cinder is a cyborg living in New Beijing and making her days as a mechanic. Just like in the fairy tale about Cinderella, Cinder has two step-sisters and a step-mother, the latter makes Cinder support the family by giving up all her earning to her. Cinder knows that she is not wanted and feels like rescuing her was a mistake until she is caught up in a whirlpool of events – the plague comes into her life, she befriends the prince and gets more knowledge on the Lunars (Moon people) then she would ever want to. She finds out why she was saved and how powerful her cyborg body actually is.

I didn’t know anything at all when I was diving into this book, so obviously all the robotics in this book came in as a huge surprise, it took me a moment to realize what is the difference between humans, cyborgs and androids. It was a slight little pain that it was not explained , my life would have been easier.

So I applaud Marissa Meyer for this wonderful and in some ways unique idea she had, but I should leave a place for a little critique about how things were handled – meaning electronics. I understand that people would be bored by long descriptions, but a short explanation of hover would come in handy. At least the basic outline – how does it look? An explanation, why there are still roads and if people around thought that a car is a special think? Just some generic stuff like that, it would help my imagination to get on with the book. Otherwise, the hover in my imagination a mix between the Jetson’s plane and an actual hoover. Yeah, that’s how my imagination works.

The story itself had it’s ups and downs, I didn’t feel drawn to it and I didn’t care much about the main characters, except for Iko, perhaps and the doctor. And I think that a part of the reason was that the story didn’t interest me enough to keep guessing. Of course it is predictable (as any fairy tale retelling), but there’s always plenty of intrigue to add, it just didn’t seem like there was any. And the story itself seemed a bit aimless, there wasn’t really much of mystery around the story or big predictions to make, which kind of summed up in the sudden ending.

There wasn’t ending. I was sure that we are getting all the story right here and right now and huge was my disappointment when I felt like it ended in the middle of a sentence. I actually thought that it was the moment when all the action starts at last and we will be able to see something to happen, but book just ended and left me feeling that the author could have made some cuts in this book, to add the next part in here. It’s not one of those good endings, where you get sizzling and can’t wait for the next book, it is one of those frustrating one’s where you feel like you didn’t really get anything out of the book and are cheated.

Overall all the book was acceptable, but it was far from swarm of action, adventures and developments.

I didn’t feel like there was any character development, it was more like a standstill, where they don’t change no matter what happens to them, that might be the reason, I didn’t get chills for this book. And I felt strange, when I was reading about UK’s queen Camilla. It could have been any other name, couldn’t it?

So, yes, I actually think that it is my fault that I didn’t care much about the book, it is just my taste for rather simple and easy things, that unravel page to page and you forget that there’s time, while it is happening. Robotics and weird electricwathevermagical powers don’t really get into that category, even, if they put on pretty ball gowns.

Nevertheless, I do want to read the next book, because at the moment when it got interesting the story ended, so I am going to continue the series and I think that after I have gotten used to this world, I might like the next books a lot better.

I was thinking about two or three stars for this book. At the end it received three stars on my goodreads page because it was an easy read, indeed, a bit boring, but easy and the idea is just unique and genius. I would recommend this book to only those people who are okay with robotics in their lives as well as young adult fans and perhaps the rebellious teens. People say that this book is nothing at all like the fairy tale, but I think it has more common things then they let you know.