Vicious by V.E. Schwab was first published on 24th of September, 2013 and, it is the author’s first adult book, at least it is claimed so. Nearly everyone who’s reviews I’ve seen have called this book a perfection. It’s rating in goodreads is very high and you can hardly see anything bad said about the book. Why? Because it is a good book.

The story is about Victor and Eli who are both students in college and are very sharp for their age and class. They are friends and still competitors and at one point thanks to a research they find a theory to enable themselves to get hold on extraordinary powers. After some fatal events and their changes, their friendship is broken forever and they become enemies.

Man, how I wanted to read this book! I think it was on my list since January this year and I was really excited and as the months passed I just got more and more into a mood where I am going to love this book. But

The story started slow, but once it got to a full speed, it seemed unstoppable. We follow Victor and what happened to him once he got his powers and why he and Eli are not getting along anymore, we slowly find out what he plans to do and in what way revenge all the bad things that have happened to him.

But it all changes when the book looks at Eli’s history and his point of view about the events that happened. At this point story got boring and I really did not like Eli’s reasons and his belief that it was his faith and destiny and that he had the God’s forgiveness and even instructions. It just doesn’t seem a valid reason and even if it would, I wouldn’t want to read another book that is based on this kind of perception of crazy. And because of being bored I started to pick up on little loops and holes (small, yes, but still there) the author had left. It seemed that, if she would just seal them all, the book wouldn’t work, but because of these Eli’s chapters were so boring, it didn’t work anyway.
The ending was not surprising, honestly, what would you expect, knowing Sydney’s power, perhaps you wouldn’t know how it will happen, but you more or less knew what will happen.

All the time, while I was reading this book, Victor reminded me of Artemis Fowl – the mastermind, genius boy with white hair and cold expression. It is pretty much how Victor was showed in the book, even though he was ‘just smart’, it seemed like everyone trusted in him, like he couldn’t go wrong, like he was a genius. It bothered me a bit. I haven’t finished the Fowl series, but the fact that here was a character that was so similar to him, seemed a bit like it is stolen. And I don’t blame the author, there are many people but just so little characteristics available and similarities happen, but it still was slightly bit weird for me as if Artemis grew up and this happened. Although I kind of liked his character, I didn’t really get why he wanted the revenge so much. It was stressed out quite a few times that Victor didn’t care about anyone else but himself. If Victor wanted to win, I didn’t really feel like the book ended when he was the victor (Victor was a victor, get it?), so obviously it asks for something more – to show the real victory. Then again, I feel like, if there’s going to be a part two, I’m not sure, why the author didn’t just put it all in this one as it seemed to have quite some unnecessary bits in it already, so those could just be replaced.

My favourite character would have been Mitch, if his long and not really that cool of a story wouldn’t have been brought in. He was the perfect and just character, but unfortunately his boring history lost it a bit for me. I get that it was kind of cool about the curse thing, but if it was just meant as bad luck, it was a bit lame, if it was meant to be a real curse, I would have loved a bit more details on that, to feel like I’m part of the story and like he has been touched by powers before and he has a feeling of unraveling his own mysteries. Otherwise he had no real reason to be there, except to keep Victor alive for his own peace of heart.

I loved Sydney though, she was wonderful.

The book was violent and emotionless towards the violence. And I didn’t really get it, why all the violence was there, because I felt like it didn’t prove anything. Perhaps it was to show how little emotions the character’s had after getting their powers, but all the blood spilling and shooting by the end just seemed like – ‘Yeah, and what else is new?’

The language and the story were good, I just didn’t feel like it was executed perfectly. And the idea although it has some holes, is a good one. The problem with this book was that although I think that it is a fine book, I just didn’t feel it. It didn’t grab and drag me with it against my will, it wasn’t unputdownable. I sometimes felt that it wouldn’t even be trouble to put it down and never pick up again. It just wasn’t my type.

Although the author claims that this is an adult novel, I am not so sure of that, I really don’t think that my mom would enjoy it (she’s my adult measurement), I think it depends on how adult-ish you are! Despite the violence and the philosophy under the story, I think it is a young adult book. I gave this book three stars out of five on my goodreads page, that said, I want to recommend this book to completely everyone. I think it was a solid book and I just didn’t like it because I didn’t feel connected to it, but so many people have (that’s a good reason already) and that is just a great idea that is worked up in this story, so get yourself a copy, read it and tell me, if you liked it and your reasons WHY! Honestly, I think that large chunk of people should like this book.