I would like to thank Netgalley, HarperCollins UK and the author – Kiera Cass for a free digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

The One by Kiera Cass is the first book in five book series. This book was first published in 2014 and this year the fourth book in the series came out. And at this point, if you haven’t read the previous books, you really should before getting hands on this one, because it just will seem unexplained and chaotic otherwise. The author tries to insert some explanations about what has happened before, but at this point it seems that it is for the current reader to remind what happened in the previous book, not for a person who starts with the third book.

This book basically finishes the Selection (although that is not the main stress and I feel a bit disappointed that in all the descriptions that is the main thing) and informs us more about the politic actions in the country and the goals rebels have set out. The book is not as much about love or relationship between Maxon and the girls as it is about the future of Illéa.

I was definitely happy that the relationships were not mentioned, I started to feel that it was too much, but at the same time author managed to turn the boring theoretical politics in much more practical action based politics, which I liked very much. I think that counting the parts I did not like in this book would be easier as there are not that many… I did not like any moments where America and Maxon was arguing, I did not like that the person I liked very much (although (s)he wasn’t one of the main characters) died and the whole situation wasn’t handled well, did not like the fact that America ‘couldn’t find time to tell’ and basically all the relationship stuff at the end of the book.

I liked though (almost) everything else! I think that one of my favourite characters of this book is Celeste (who would have thought, right?) and her ability to admit all she has done and ask for forgiveness was wonderful. Showing her real self was great and I started to love her and to question, if Elisa, Kriss or America could actually be queen, because they did not fight for what they want as Celeste did. Yes, she did wrong, but don’t they say that all the weapons in war and love are good? Celeste was strong and I think that she could be a better queen than the other three.

And then there’s Georgia, from the first moment in woods, I thought that she is going to be important and that I will like her. At the beginning I did, but suddenly it was all just the same. I mean, if I would go to a party with Royal family, I wouldn’t act the same as Prince Harry, would I? So I don’t really like the fact that we didn’t see the difference between her and higher castes, both the looks and the behavior were not described well. I would have liked her a bit more, if we would have actually seen a more of the real her.

I think that in my previous review I predicted the future of Aspen already, so it did not hit me very hard, the only thing I felt was that he was still going around saying loving things and so on, but for me it all seemed all fake, because of how it all ended. It seemed to me that they were both (Aspen and America) keeping each other as a plan B.

As I said before the ending of the book I did not particularly enjoy, but it still came as a surprise to me and I just read it all not believing that it really happened. I am sad for the queen, not as much for what happened to the king. I think that the king couldn’t see more than his own nose and was just plain arrogant and too stupid to admit that anyone else might have a better insight in whatever topic he was on. I’m pretty sure that, if he would have loved ’50 Shades of Gray’, but I wouldn’t and would stress that it is a bad book, he would sentence me to something just because in his opinion I was not capable of thinking greater thoughts than he was.

There were many flaws (logical flaws) in this book which would make no sense in any proper government or security system, which makes me feel like this country is just not worth keeping together, but at the same time, I get it that these flaws were made so the ending of this part would be convenient and get the author where she wanted to get. Though I feel like she rushed through it and, if she would just sit down and think a bit, she would come up with, perhaps not flawless things, but better for sure.

Overall, I think that, if you loved the first one, didn’t really like the second one, you shouldn’t give up and should try the third one. I enjoyed it more than the second one and just the ending ruined it for me. As I said before, I think that you shouldn’t read this one without actually reading the previous two books, but if you are considering to read the first one (here’s my review on it), keep in mind that it is mostly targeted on young adults and romance fans.

This book received three stars from five on my goodreads page, only because I wasn’t very keen on the ending (and the other little details I mentioned before).

Let me know what you think of this book! I will be reading the fourth one soon and then join you waiting for the fifth! Is there a book you would like me to read and review? Let me know in the comments!