Fangirl is a book that has been around for a while, first published in US on 10th of September (2013) by St. Martin Press, and, if I am not mistaken, is Rowell’s second novel. In October (2015) the spinoff novel (fanfic) ”Carry On” will be released.

This novel is about twin girls Wren and Cath, they are leaving home for the first time and a lot
of things in their lives are changing including their personalities. Story is about their first year in college and first year they have ever been separated from each other. A lot of firsts, yes.

So… how was it? Usually I try to guess what is going to happen next, but in this book I didn’t have such trouble, because nothing happened. This book literally was about character growth and there was no story at all. In the few bits of story development we had, the characters are acting like complete assholes, like the writer was not able to do story and characters – it was
a plot twist with terrible attitudes or some character development with no story at all.

It is hard to tell which was my favourite part of the book as it was all pretty plain and the same. I think that the part about Wren in hospital had the potential to be the one, but unfortunately it was just too rushed and weird.

And as there was no real story, I wasn’t really willing to read the book, I just wanted to finish it because I though that if I will put it down for too long, I will never finish it.

So then the characters were good, right?

I understand that Cath is a very unsocial, but, if she is so closed then why is she able to leave a person she already knows behind the doors? I think that she would try to avoid any contact, which would mean letting the guy in, but not talking to him. Not letting him in is a bigger contact in my opinion. This is not the only episode that I think doesn’t suit Cath and is the reason I think that she is not a well developed character.

I found it a bit difficult to care about the main character, because sometimes she was so unreasonable and even stupid –like in th scene about plagiarism. And although so many say that this story shows the fangirl life, I do not agree at all.

I was there for Harry Potter I did write fanfiction and still I feel like the life of Cath was showed from the wrong angle, if the books is named ‘Fangirl’ it should be about the fan part of life. But it isn’t.

It is just a book about a girl who happens to write fanfiction and have some shirts and posters, fangirl is something a bit more and there would be more to tell about the online fan friendships and discussions.

I think that Wren would be a fine character, if she wouldn’t have this transfer from a loving sister and daughter (before the book) into a monster who is trying to kill herself with as many parties as possible. Just because she is willing to try out all the freshmen activities, doesn’t mean that she will not care about her family anymore and become irresponsible, and I have seen those reviews, so many people just hate her because of that.

And Levi is the beautiful golden boy in our lives, the lovely prince on the white horse (or, you know… cow), he is perfect and understanding in every sense, even when he has a bad day he is still sunshine and rainbows. He is just too happy to be real (unfortunately).

Although the main characters in the book obviously were the twins and Levi, I would say that I liked Reagan the best, hence she just knows how to deal with things in her life (and actually – other lives as well) and she is not letting things get to her. She sees, accepts and moves on. I think I liked her the best, because I would like to be more like that, instead of overfeeling every single thing (and even thought) that comes into my life (or mind).

And another important part of the book is fanfiction, but unfortunately whole Simon story and fanfiction did not interest me at all. I thought that both were quite bad (even the separate bunny-rabbit fanfiction in the middle of the book) and to be honest, if these books were supposed to have so many fans, the author should have tried to make it at least a bit better. I get how the Simon character develops at the same speed as Cath, but still it seemed out of place and and just bad. And if I think that it is as popular as Harry Potter (or even more) it just all seems wrong and cheap. As many people have said – the author mentions the Harry Potter series in her book, which opens the question – if she created this look-a-like (and everybody knows about it), why does nobody compare it to Harry Potter? Or why isn’t there a counter-fan group (Simon VS Harry)? But we all know that it probably was just a mistake and that closes all the questions.

And am I the only one who thinks that the story didn’t sound like Harry Potter? Of course the popularity of the series, yes, but the story itself? I did not find it so similar, if I wouldn’t have known it before (that it is supposed HP), I wouldn’t even noticed it until the end (the opening of the last book).

Many say that they cried while reading this book, I wasn’t one of them. I didn’t laugh either (I have seen some videos, where girls read parts of the book and they just cannot continue, because they are laughing so hard. Yep, didn’t happen (and that seems really weird that people laughed their socks off). It got few smiles, but the main emotion the book gave me was sadness and the need for hugs and cuddles. The emotions and feelings (and even the sadness) are the things I really liked about the book, because it affected me and gave me something out of all this experience.

Like most of the readers I was a bit frustrated by the ending of the book, which didn’t really tell us anything that happened! What happened to the story she had to write for lesson? To ”Carry On” (in my book there was an interview with the writer so at least I got some idea what happened here)? To dad? And mom? How did the summer and relationships go? Nothing really was told in the book, so I don’t feel like it had an ending.

This book is definitely a young adult book, probably for the dreamy and romantic girls. It gives one a blond and adorable prince and I think that it is good when we consider the media and art nowadays that have forgotten about greatness and consideration and hopefully will set some standard and understanding in young girls that relationship is a mutual respect and happiness together. Though I hope that this prince Levi will not set the standard too high.

This book received two stars out of five on my goodreads page and it is because of all the things I described above. Not my kind of book.

What did you think of ”Fangirl”? Let me know in the comment section below!